With shutdown looming, President Obama plans to hit the campaign trail

In yet another sign of strong leadership, President Obama is planning on hitting the campaign trail as we face a government shutdown. Wow… that was hard to type without getting frustrated. So far we have seen this kind of leadership from Obama so this should come as no surprise. I mean Brazil is lovely this time of Libyan war , er, uh, I meant this time of year. And let’s not forget the timeliness and quality of speech that he gave right away during the Egyptian uprising. Oh yeah, there is nothing to forget. This guy is not just at the pinnacle of the failed leadership list but he is the epitome of a man-child. His White House is starting to look like a modern interpretation of “Land of the Lost” and all of his cohorts/comrades are nothing more than Sleestaks.

As we sit dangling off the edge of Shutdown Overlook, President Obama has decided that he will call Congress a bunch of kids and then hightail it out of town to start campaigning for Bobblehead-In-Chief. Or is it Empty-Suit-In-Chief? Either way, he is not going to actually lead our country. An effective President might think it’s his duty act as the person presiding over the budgetary battle. By the way, has anyone ever noticed that the word President resembles presiding? Presiding would imply that someone is actively watching over something, “at the ready” to get involved. I suppose that if we were to go into Kinetic Military WAR, the President is always a cell phone call away while he’s on the back nine or if AFTER the Gulf turns into a sea of oil, we can still get his attention while he’s eating all of the lobster in Maine, right? Thankfully the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball seasons are over, so there won’t be any brackets to fill out but, dang, he probably has to follow his fantasy baseball league or something. I wonder if he is warming up his pitching arm?

According to The Washington Post, President Obama will be hitting the campaign trail possibly today and then again tonight…

“…the president as of early Wednesday was scheduled to give two speeches outside of Washington: one on energy in the Philadelphia suburbs, then another Wednesday evening to a group of black political activists in New York.”

Here is a copy of the article in it’s entirety….

A fiery President Obama insisted Tuesday that if he and congressional leaders couldn’t reach a deal to avert a government shutdown, “I want a meeting again tomorrow here at the White House.”

“I will invite the same folks that we invited today,” he added. “And if that doesn’t work, we’ll invite them again the day after that. And I will have my entire team available to work through the details of getting a deal done.”

Obama’s team may not include the president himself. Despite the impasse in Washington over federal spending, the president as of early Wednesday was scheduled to give two speeches outside of Washington: one on energy in the Philadelphia suburbs, then another Wednesday evening to a group of black political activists in New York.

If the schedule remains intact, it will be the president’s first trip outside the capital since he officially declared Monday he will seek a second term. And while Obama (D) and his aides have repeated said he will not focus on his campaign in the next few months, his schedule may contradict those words.
Obama’s town hall on energy will be held at a wind turbine plant in the town of Fairless Hills in Bucks County, a well-known political bellwether in the Philadelphia area. While the city of Philadelphia overwhelmingly votes Democratic, its suburbs swing between the Democratic and Republican parties, making them crucial for Obama’s 2012 campaign.

The president defeated Sen John McCain (R-Ariz) in Pennsylvania with 55 percent of vote in 2008. But Republicans won the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races there in November, suggesting a dip in enthusiasm for the president’s political party.

In New York City, Obama he won’t be wooing big-money donors, like he did last week. Instead, he will appear at the 20th anniversary of National Action Network, the group run by black activist and Obama backer the Rev. Al Sharpton.

For black voters, it’s not a question of whether they will support Obama, but how many will turn out in 2012. While polls show many other groups who backed the president in 2008 have fallen back in their enthusiasm, around 90 percent of blacks continue to approve of Obama’s performance in most polls. But Democrats say the huge black turnout that helped Obama win in states like Virginia and North Carolina is not a guarantee in 2012,as the motivation of electing the nation’s first black president is now gone.

The Democrats are so quick to label Tea Party ideas as extreme… thanks for letting us in on that one, Schumer …but where is the work ethic? Paul Ryan made a mockery of President Obama’s budget and the response is to go campaign? The leading economically wise Republican Congressman not only raises the bar but actually puts the bar high enough that President Obama might need Air Force One to fly over it and the President admonishes Congress for being childish? Can any of the democrats point to leadership in this response? If he has an opinion so strong as to talk down to Congress, then wouldn’t he be a leader by getting in there and fighting it out!?! Bush was labeled as a failure but perhaps Obama’s strategy in avoiding that same title is to not be in town when there is actual work to do. I can see it now… “What? Don’t blame me! I wasn’t there when the milk got spilled!” Or is it going to be more like, “Ooops! Did I do that?”

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2 Responses to With shutdown looming, President Obama plans to hit the campaign trail

  1. Doesn’t he make you proud to be an American? I’d love to know what european heads of state say about him in private.

    • I’m brimming with pride!

      Uh… no, wait. That’s not pride that I’m feeling… I’ll be right back.

      Yeah. That wasn’t pride. I just threw up. But that’s really about how I feel about our President now. He makes me wanna vomit.

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