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Sean Hannity interviews Congressman Keith Ellison

For those who missed this, Sean Hannity had Representative Keith Ellison on his show to discuss statements made by Ellison in the past. These comments were regarding muslim radicals, false attacks on Fox News, and testimony at the Peter King hearings … Continue reading

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Obama goes Creator-less again. President Obama omits the Creator… AGAIN!!!

Well, the President did it again. I have previously written about President Obama “forgetting” the Creator when quoting the Declaration of Independence. He managed to finish the year with 4 missed mentions of the Creator. He has done it again… … Continue reading

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Video: Gun Control explained

Attention liberals: always remember… the bullets come out the end with the hole in it.

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Video: Congressman West Asks for Answers from U.S. Generals

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Video: Andrew Klavan: How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre ~ PajamasMedia

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