‘Overnight’ Is A Lifetime

I believe our government is lost. It is no longer what we thought it was. Our nation will never resemble what we all knew as we grew up.

What you once thought freedom in America looked like is gone forever. Our great America changed ‘overnight’ while everyone ‘slept’ through their responsibility as citizens.

It’s not enough to just show up and vote or to pick teams. We were supposed to hold our chosen political representatives to their responsibilities and to their promises. We were supposed to monitor our government every single day. We were to ensure that they were upholding the Constitution every single day. We were supposed to pass on our great liberty, our grand experiment in freedom, to our future generations. We failed them. We are responsible for what happened.

People did not pay attention as the Democrat party slid further and further left until it became a shill for Marxism. People did not pay attention as the Republican party followed the Democrats trying to pick up voters. That same Republican party, in turn, became a shill for progressivism. This is the bridge of socialism into communism. ‘Overnight’, our two party system morphed into a single-minded body of power-hungry individuals who do not do what they lead you to believe they do.

I routinely watch what happens on the Senate floor and in the House of Representatives. What actually happens there is NOT what you are told from the media outlets, whether in print or televised. Instead of holding our responsibility dear and using the sources available to us to ensure our elected officials do what we elect then to do, we rely on others to editorialize it for us.

Our media has come between us and our government. They are the veil that allowed the parties to deceitfully change our country. People unknowingly go along with things as though it’s business as usual and nothing is out of the normal. We’ve stopped questioning things. We accept what we are told by others in the news media(and social) at face value without ever engaging our own thought process. If it sounds like it reinforces what we think, we accept it.

The hole in that is that what we think our government does is shaped, molded, created by the media. The idea we have in our minds has been placed there by what people in the media told us. We should have been looking around the curtain of media personalities and going straight to the source itself. We should have been watching Congress ourselves with our own eyes and no one telling us what to think about what we’re seeing.

We have all been brainwashed by media sources that have their own angle on what’s happening. Our thoughts were created by others, not by ourselves. We’ve received constant narratives that are not the actual truth. We are being fed agenda based stories to elicit emotions in us.

If you actually took interest in history and read up on the way Hitler was able to rise to power – read about the days and months after the Reichstag fire – you would see the covert nature that government officials work in, when allowed to act behind closed doors. Obviously, many of us did not pay attention to the former USSR and how they used Pravda to ‘inform’ the people what to think.

We have had many lessons through history but we ignored them. We didn’t see the need to to be responsible and to ask questions. We allowed others to fill our minds with revisioned opinions and that go unchallenged. These same people are covering what you’re seeing today on the TV. These same people are feeding your mind with their opinions and informing you what to think about it.

Sure, it would be great if what is happening wasn’t happening. But if these people waited until after the vote tally was completed and Trump loses, then you would hear things like ‘sore losers’ and ‘sour grapes’ and ‘too late’. The only truth there is that it is too late. This is the last effort to try to stop what is happening to America.

This is not simply about a single election, this is about what has happened for decades. This is about where the country is heading because of an out of check government. This may well be the last peaceful check and balance left. The ballot box failed. The judicial box has failed. The soap box is a complete joke. And the only remaining box is one that NO ONE wants to open.

Plenty of people saw this coming. Many of us tried to wake people up. Instead, the consciousness of America fell to becoming ‘woke’ instead. Who spearheaded the ‘woke culture’ and delivered it into your homes? The same people who provided the veil to a corrupt government, that’s who. That is part of the veil. Look here instead of over there where your government is doing bad things that will hurt you later.

Remember images of “mostly peaceful” protests in Minnesota with fires raging out of control in the background? Remember images of violence by “peaceful protestors” using bricks and nails on the end of their sticks to stab with? Those stories were brought to your awareness by the same people telling you that what’s happening today is “violent” and “unAmerican” and directing your thoughts. Your eyes don’t lie. Just ask yourself questions. Seek answers. But don’t let media tell you what to think.

Overnight literally refers to the dark period from one day to the next. But, metaphorically it can mean an indefinite length of time. People believe the election was stolen from President Trump overnight. I do. But, the country was stolen bit by bit over decades…

that’s ‘overnight’ in our lifetime.

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Questions… Where are the questions?

Why aren’t we asking questions? Once upon a time, the media(and by default, the American population) held Presidents accountable for their actions well after the fact. How long did the media ride President Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Bush, Sr. on our first foray into Iraq? And to be honest, the media even held onto stories about Clinton’s ladies and made him have to answer to it.

 But not this President. WHY?!? We could review all of the scandals – IRS, NSA, Obamacare and the unions, etc – but that isn’t the important connection that SHOULD BE addressed right now!

 We are on the verge of getting involved in a civil war in Syria. This is not our first military involvement under President Obama. This will be our third in the Middle East and that makes it ABSOLUTELY relevant that we analyze his previous efforts. How can we proceed headlong into another war putting our troops into harm’s way without even giving any consideration to what our expectations of success are? We should look at what President Obama has accomplished first and that is the role of the media in America!

 Let’s look at Egypt. We helped to depose Mubarak. We suddenly saw him as the worst dictator in the Middle East, yet everything in history showed that to be false. Yes, he was a dictator but he was secularist who maintained stability in a very important part of the region. He was the gatekeeper for peace with Israel. We toppled him and installed a BRUTAL Muslim Brotherhood. That lasted a short time before the world’s largest protests ever helped to remove them from power. Ever since we went into Egypt the country has been immersed in vicious lawlessness with Christians under attack.

 Let’s look at Libya. We got involved in Libya because “rebels” decided to overthrow Qaddafi after being inspired by America’s help in Egypt. These “rebels” (who are al Qaeda) decided that they could appeal to America for our intervention on their behalf. Obama goes to the UN and then takes a back seat, effectively giving himself plausible deniability, and hopes to move his name away from the headlines after bad results. Libya has been mired in absolute turmoil ever since. Qaddafi was a crappy leader who had bad intentions but had been neutered ever since President Reagan dropped a bomb in his backyard – literally. And this does bring into focus another of Obama’s scandals that is relevant to everyone except the media: Benghazi and what happened one year ago. Will we ever find out?

 But here we sit… Syria. Rebels in Syria –>- al Qaeda <— again appeal to America for help overthrowing a “brutal dictator”. Assad has helped maintain a delicate balance of limited peace to the north of Israel and has kept a stable nation during his reign as dictator. Syria is a nation of Muslims and Christians living side-by-side, and despite the tension they had been doing so without much violence. That was until more al Qaeda savages felt inspiration by President Obama’s helping hand.

 So… should we involve ourselves? What will the landscape look like afterwards? Unstable with muslim-controlled acts of genocide? Will we have further stacked the deck against Israel and made an already unstable environment worse? Will we be drawn into a far greater war later on as we defend our true ally, Israel? Will we be an exhausted nation, tired of its wars by then, and reluctant to assist a true friend?

 So… did al Qaeda suddenly have a change of heart from 12 years ago when they flew planes into our Pentagon, into the World Trade Center, and were stopped in Shanksville, PA? How did they become a friend and ally one year after orchestrating the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi and killing our Ambassador?

 So… Where is the media? Is President Obama really on America’s side? Or is he working against our best interests by pretending these conflicts are a threat using short-sighted vision while in the long-run we are creating a massive enemy? When he said that he would stand with the muslims should the political winds shift against them, did he mean that he intended to shift the winds against them in order to be able to stand with them? Is his only acceptable version of a muslim the kind that become rebels, the ones who are the Muslim Brotherhood? Why did he just send them a message saying that his administration is a proud partner? What did he partner with them on?

 Where is the media? Where are the questions?

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Questioning… Why Are We Ignoring The Reality In Order To Push A Gun Control Fantasy?

Why are we not looking at what is really wrong with these shooters? Why are we focusing on the gun instead of the shooter? Anyone who has any training regarding an active shooter situation knows that when confronted with a gun, people will fix their attention on the gun rather than the shooter himself. Is that what is happening here? Are we looking at the immediately obvious threat rather than the actual threat that controls the gun?

With the terrible shooting in CT this week, this story got put out with seemingly little to no notice. I’d question whether that was intentional or not, myself. Anyway, remember the Oregon mall shooting less than 2 weeks ago? There is a reason why that shooting ended the way it did and it had NOTHING to do with police intervention!

The shooter took his own life when he was confronted by a man who was a concealed carry holder. This man did not fire a single shot. He merely presented a gun into the situation and the shooter knew he was now up against another armed person.

A lot can be said about this. First, Continue reading

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Questioning…’s Thoughts on the Recent Public Mass Shootings

If all we do is focus on the “effects” and never try to understand the “causes”, we will never change our ways. The results come from something far greater than a mechanical device. A gun is merely a method of creating a result. The sickness within the human is what is to blame and in far too many of these horrific shootings, that sickness had been festering for a long time before some shell of a human being decided to carry out their darkest fantasies. We must look at what turned the lights out in the mind of these people rather than blame the implement with which someone acted out.


Consider this… if, in response to this terrible situation, someone tells you to personally go buy a gun and to get a permit to carry it, are they telling you to shoot up some public place? Do you suddenly envision yourself carrying out that kind of act all of the sudden, just because they suggested for you to start carrying a gun? Ask yourself this: Why don’t you see yourself killing people just because you have a gun? Continue reading

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My latest. TPC

The Political Chef™ Blog

Our American celebs are so precious and entertaining especially on the “unplugged” twitterverse. After reading some of their “rants” and “opinions” on twitter, you wonder if they realize that probably 50% of their “fans” are not on the same page politically with them. I frankly gave up hollyweird “stars” and watching their movies on a regular basis a long time ago. This is how bad its gotten, I can’t even win the entertainment portion of trivial pursuit anymore. I used to ace them all…I lost interest in people who hate America, yet utilize all of its benefits for their twaddle and buffoonery…

Check out Twitchy.com sometime for a great resource for hollyweird twaddle…better yet give them a follow and get their stuff in your inbox…here are some of my recent favs.

Whoopi Goldberg retweets claim that Israel ‘massacres’ Palestinians, quickly backtracks

by Jenn

Or this one:Lori Ziganto ‏@snarkandboobsSquee!…

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Andrew Patrick reveals Obamageddon vis-a-vis Obamacare…

Andrew Patrick reveals Obamageddon vis-a-vis Obamacare…

This is from AndrewPatrick.com and is well worth the read…


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Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives

We are on the eve of what may be the single biggest day ever in the history of our country…. I can’t believe we finally made it here. It has been a long four years and what a rough four years it has been!

Tonight I will be praying for my country… that is nothing new for me though. I have prayed every evening for my country since we wound up in this mess. But tonight will be different. I have a chance to ask the Lord specifically about delivering His will for America tomorrow and to finally ask Him to heal our wounds. Tonight will be when I am able to ask for something like that and expect to see some of His work come to light tomorrow.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, I know Continue reading

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President Obama is no Captain Duncan Ingraham | A contrast of battles never fought

I have been infuriated beyond belief as I continue to read how our “Commander-In-Chief” was unable to find an ouce of courage yet again and this time 4 Americans died because of this pathetic excuse for a President that we have. The facts continue to come to light and they are looking worse and worse for American honor in the office at the highest level. Many bloggers are carrying the details as they break so I won’t go into that, rather I want to take a look at another very momentous time in American history that was also another battle that was never fought. It is recounted by Ronald Reagan in his much celebrated “We Will Be A City Upon A Hill” speech in 1974 and it displays a very powerful difference between courage and cowardice. The latter being President Obama and his apologetic administration bent on increasing American antipathy everywhere.

From Reagan’s speech:

“In the meantime, men who yearned to breathe free were making their way to our shores. Among them was a young refugee from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He had been a leader in an attempt to free Hungary from Austrian rule. The attempt had failed and he fled to escape execution. In America, this young Hungarian, Koscha by name, became an importer by trade and took out his first citizenship papers. One day, business took him to a Mediterranean port. There was a large Austrian warship Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Arab Autumn… The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

It appears that we have lost other embassies… this time in Tunis and Khartoum. Every nation that was involved in some sort of uprising in the “Arab Spring” has turned against us. Are you surprised? These results are what Obama was after with the Arab Spring. He was seeking to strengthen the people of these countries… but what no one cared to ask was who the people were that he wanted to strengthen. He was only out to give aid to the dangerous factions who wanted to oppress the people. Understand this: Obama was a liberator of people whom he felt a kinship with. He sees these people as radicals of change. He does not truly view these people as freedom fighters or people that can work with a democracy. He knows these people well enough to know better. They remind him of himself. He sees these people as folks with a message that hasn’t been given a proper platform in his eyes.

So, who are these radicals of change and what is the change that they are seeking? These people are comprised of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and the Taliban. These people are driven by passion(hate is a passion) and that enlivens Obama’s own thirst for change. The change they seek is a “fundamental transformation” of their country. They want to flip their countries upside down and reinvent them, much like what Obama is hoping to do here.

Obama sees himself as an underdog. He thinks he Continue reading

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The American Dream – Where Did We Go Wrong?

With all of this class warfare crap that has been the focus for 2 years, I got to thinking… We lost sight of the American Dream. For the last decade we were told that the American Dream was home ownership… a house with a white picket fence. That is not, and has never been,  the American Dream. That is only a marker of where you are on the path of the American Dream, just as owning a car is or having a family is.

The American Dream was all about having an opportunity to achieve. It was the chance – not the promised prize. Just as two homes are never alike because of the families that make up what a home really is, no two American Dreams are alike either. Your vision of life’s successes is not the same as mine just as my vision is not the same as yours. The only similarity in our dreams, our American Dreams, reside in the equal opportunity that we both share.

Driving a wedge of greed, jealousy, and envy between you and I only serves to Continue reading

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