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‘Overnight’ Is A Lifetime

I believe our government is lost. It is no longer what we thought it was. Our nation will never resemble what we all knew as we grew up. What you once thought freedom in America looked like is gone forever. … Continue reading

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Questions… Where are the questions?

Why aren’t we asking questions? Once upon a time, the media(and by default, the American population) held Presidents accountable for their actions well after the fact. How long did the media ride President Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Bush, … Continue reading

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Questioning… Why Are We Ignoring The Reality In Order To Push A Gun Control Fantasy?

Why are we not looking at what is really wrong with these shooters? Why are we focusing on the gun instead of the shooter? Anyone who has any training regarding an active shooter situation knows that when confronted with a … Continue reading

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Questioning…’s Thoughts on the Recent Public Mass Shootings

If all we do is focus on the “effects” and never try to understand the “causes”, we will never change our ways. The results come from something far greater than a mechanical device. A gun is merely a method of … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives

We are on the eve of what may be the single biggest day ever in the history of our country…. I can’t believe we finally made it here. It has been a long four years and what a rough four … Continue reading

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President Obama is no Captain Duncan Ingraham | A contrast of battles never fought

I have been infuriated beyond belief as I continue to read how our “Commander-In-Chief” was unable to find an ouce of courage yet again and this time 4 Americans died because of this pathetic excuse for a President that we … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Arab Autumn… The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

It appears that we have lost other embassies… this time in Tunis and Khartoum. Every nation that was involved in some sort of uprising in the “Arab Spring” has turned against us. Are you surprised? These results are what Obama was … Continue reading

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The American Dream – Where Did We Go Wrong?

With all of this class warfare crap that has been the focus for 2 years, I got to thinking… We lost sight of the American Dream. For the last decade we were told that the American Dream was home ownership… … Continue reading

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The NEW Hope and Change Appearing at the DNC 2012

Making a command performance, this week only, at the DNC… The Real Grope and Chains!!! Plenty of empty seats still available!

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What War On Women? Republicans Are Doing It Wrong…

Meet the Democrats smoothest Ladies’ Men: President Smarmy, Senator Sleazeball, and Senator Submarine Captain….

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