The Wit Of Fred Thompson

In Michigan, an armed robbery suspect was arrested after trying to make a getaway in his wheelchair.

Taking those proposed Medicare cuts a little hard wasn’t he?


Lawmakers in Washington state are looking to impose a $100 annual fee on electric cars to make up for lost gas tax revenue

Ah… a “taxing you for not being taxed” tax.


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that “the President has shown himself willing to make tough choices.”

Jay… bracket picks don’t count.


Yesterday marked “International Pillow Fight Day”, and was celebrated in over 39 different countries.

I heard about that, but I thought it was just a new name for Obama’s Libyan operation.


President Obama officially announced his run for 2012 via electronic social media instead of using a press conference.

Ya know, if he really wanted to show he was in touch with the latest trends, he’d have announced it at a Tea Party rally.

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6 Responses to The Wit Of Fred Thompson

    • I’m glad that you like these… I have been toying with the idea of phasing out some of my regular posts like my “Wit” and “Wisdom” posts. They take up space and time but then they seem to be pretty good hits and the stats are showing them to be quite popular search items. I’ll keep them a while longer!

      On another note, I see that you got your own URL now…. NICE! I’ve been meaning to do that as well. Have you created a Facebook page for SpinnyLiberal yet?

      • Yeah you have to keep them. I cringe at most of them, but there is usually one that makes me laugh. 🙂

        Thanks!! 🙂 Actually, I just domain-mapped with WP because I have no idea how to do all that stuff that comes along with having a site of your own. It was semi-painless this way.

        No special FB. I link it to my regular FB. I’m sure it irritates the hell out of my Conservative classmates and teachers from high school , but who cares? Haha

  1. Nykki says:

    I love these!! Always make me smile and are SO true!

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Chuckle time… good ones…:)

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