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Video: PJTV: The Problem With Our Economy is Liberalism, Not the “Queen of Rage” or Tea Party ~ Zo of Macho Sauce Productions

Now for a timely message from Zo. Please, if you haven’t already become familiar with Zo (Alfonzo Rachel is his full name), you should. After a few years of producing some of Youtube’s BEST rants, he is now featured on … Continue reading

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Feature Post: Unleashing Americans ~ by Alan Caruba

This is the first of a double -feature of posts from Alan Caruba’s blog, Warning Signs. The first one deals with our current state of affairs in America and just what brought about the Tea Party as well as where … Continue reading

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Video: Spenditol

Yep… this about sums it all up. Enjoy…

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As Senate considers the “The Senate Squishy” and their “compromise” which means higher taxes ALL AROUND! Whoopeedoo…lets remember some words of wisdom from an great American and a true Patriot said about taxation… “An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling Drama-Ron Paul

Ron Paul has a great article about the Debt ceiling drama that is going on in Washington. Find it here: http://www.rightsidenews.com/2011071914095/us/politics-and-economics/debt-ceiling-drama.html?utm_source=Right+Side+News&utm_campaign=9e0011a275-daily-rss-newsletter&utm_medium=email “The Fed claims inflation is 2% or less over the past few years; however economists who compile alternate data … Continue reading

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Video: Social Security Administration On Making Payments

Obama talking point zombies heads explode in 3… 2… 1…

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Video: Ron Paul Puts Bernanke on Edge with Gold Question.

This is the one area where I believe that Ron Paul proves his worth. In general, I am not a huge Ron Paul supporter for President(however, I will also vote for the rock in my front yard over Obama in … Continue reading

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Video: China Debt ~ another Politizoid by RightChange

This is destined to become an instant classic…

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Cutting Taxes on the Rich will NOT Help You

Hmmmm… the public always loves to hear that the rich are getting soaked…as much as we claim to abhor the “class warfare” rhetoric from the left, the minute most of us hear “tax increase for the rich” or “close the … Continue reading

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Freedom From Choice, It’s What You’ve Got.

Obama “PROMISED” to make your electricity go up to further HIS green agenda…yes the SAME green agenda trumpeted by marxist activist Van Jones…SO think about this, WHEN did ANYTHING backed my marxists/communists of any stripes go well? http://www.redstate.com/repair_man_jack/2011/07/11/freedom-from-choice-it%E2%80%99s-what-you%E2%80%99ve-got/ Posted by … Continue reading

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