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Agenda 21, Susatainable Living and Mass Transit

Paula Helton Please read the entire article here: From Agenda 21, Sustainable Living I found the following U.N. guidelines (shown in quotes) to implement Agenda 21/Sustainable Development on their United Nations Sustainable Human Settlement Development website. As the people … Continue reading

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Waco Tea Party Terrorist

H/T to Alan over at This one made me laugh out loud! I wonder WHEN the left will realize that in the words of the Great Monty Python…”we fahrt in their general direction”(said with an exquisite comic frenchy french … Continue reading

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Classic Reagan-Democratic joke…

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WTF is Wall Street Thinking

I have watched with fascination as a novice and non-expert as Wall Street seems to live in an alternate plane of existence from the rest of us, “little people.” Bad economic news? No problem, the stock market booms. I have … Continue reading

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Poor Richard’s Almanack

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.” ~Ben Franklin

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Video: Obama says adding $4 trillion to debt is unpatriotic.

In honor of President Obama surpassing the $4 Trillion spending number, I share this video. Oh and…HEY Liberals! Listen to the man that you defend so virulently tell us about what is unpatriotic! Stop your damned hypocrisy and start loving this … Continue reading

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Video: West says: “I am the Modern Day Harriet Tubman”

Here is the entire video from Laura Ingraham’s interview with Congressman Allen West. Go Allen West! Call it the way that it is and watch the liberals freak out in the process. Just like a light on a cockroach, the … Continue reading

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Video: Republican For A Reason

Here’s a great produced by the Republican National Committee. This is nearly 4 years old but motivational just the same…

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Video: Postcards from the Oval Office ~ Granny Jan

A Granny Jan Classic:  

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Video: An Interview with Marco Rubio – 8/23/11

A brief interview with Senator Marco Rubio from the Reagan Foundation…

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