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What War On Women? Republicans Are Doing It Wrong…

Meet the Democrats smoothest Ladies’ Men: President Smarmy, Senator Sleazeball, and Senator Submarine Captain….

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The Bible and The U.S. Constitution Are Inseparable

Like it or not, Biblical Christian principles and our Constitution are inseparable. Our nation was founded on the very principles found in the Bible by a group of men who relied on those teachings to create a system of government … Continue reading

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Having A Little Fun With #VotingForObamaBidenIsLike On Twitter This Evening

There is a new hashtag going big on Twitter this evening if anyone wants to check it out… #VotingForObamaBidenIsLike … I did my part with: #VotingForObamaBidenIsLike fundamentally transforming your vote from the most important duty you have as an American … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Coming Election And What We Can Expect…

The reality is, that as we move closer to the November elections and the Democrats see their grip on the system slip away, that we can expect them to pillage the government. They will make our tax money available to … Continue reading

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