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Questioning… Why Are We Ignoring The Reality In Order To Push A Gun Control Fantasy?

Why are we not looking at what is really wrong with these shooters? Why are we focusing on the gun instead of the shooter? Anyone who has any training regarding an active shooter situation knows that when confronted with a … Continue reading

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Questioning…’s Thoughts on the Recent Public Mass Shootings

If all we do is focus on the “effects” and never try to understand the “causes”, we will never change our ways. The results come from something far greater than a mechanical device. A gun is merely a method of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Political Chef™ Blog:
Our American celebs are so precious and entertaining especially on the “unplugged” twitterverse. After reading some of their “rants” and “opinions” on twitter, you wonder if they realize that probably 50% of their…

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