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Questions… Where are the questions?

Why aren’t we asking questions? Once upon a time, the media(and by default, the American population) held Presidents accountable for their actions well after the fact. How long did the media ride President Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Bush, … Continue reading

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President Obama is no Captain Duncan Ingraham | A contrast of battles never fought

I have been infuriated beyond belief as I continue to read how our “Commander-In-Chief” was unable to find an ouce of courage yet again and this time 4 Americans died because of this pathetic excuse for a President that we … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Arab Autumn… The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

It appears that we have lost other embassies… this time in Tunis and Khartoum. Every nation that was involved in some sort of uprising in the “Arab Spring” has turned against us. Are you surprised? These results are what Obama was … Continue reading

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The NEW Hope and Change Appearing at the DNC 2012

Making a command performance, this week only, at the DNC… The Real Grope and Chains!!! Plenty of empty seats still available!

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Having A Little Fun With #VotingForObamaBidenIsLike On Twitter This Evening

There is a new hashtag going big on Twitter this evening if anyone wants to check it out… #VotingForObamaBidenIsLike … I did my part with: #VotingForObamaBidenIsLike fundamentally transforming your vote from the most important duty you have as an American … Continue reading

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In defense of the Second Amendment… A brief statement

Why does the 2nd Amendment mean so much to our freedom to purchase all legal weapons today? Compare the 2nd Amendment with the ‘Oath of Office for the President'(Article II, Section I, U.S Constitution). The 2nd Amendment reads as follows… … Continue reading

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Video: Obama says adding $4 trillion to debt is unpatriotic.

In honor of President Obama surpassing the $4 Trillion spending number, I share this video. Oh and…HEY Liberals! Listen to the man that you defend so virulently tell us about what is unpatriotic! Stop your damned hypocrisy and start loving this … Continue reading

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Video: Postcards from the Oval Office ~ Granny Jan

A Granny Jan Classic:  

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Video: PolitiZoid – Brawl of Presidents

RightChange drops this one… PolitiZoid – Brawl of Presidents

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Video: The Wizard of Oz-Bama ~ by Granny Jan

Granny Jan strikes again! Oh, this one is particularly good…  

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