In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West: “The Congressional Black Caucus as a Bi-partisan Body Politic”

Unfortunately in my recent few days of being under the weather, I wasn’t able to post my weekly “In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up” this week but PUMABydesign caught it and got it up on her page. You can check it out HERE. I just got this in my email inbox this morning and am posting Allen West’s comments regarding the Congressional Black Caucus…


“Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver II released a statement yesterday that utterly disappointed me.  The statement- referencing the Republican budget proposal- came one day after the CBC whipped “Yes” on my first piece of legislation, HR 1246- a bill that passed unanimously 393-0.

The CBC should be a bi-partisan body politic and not the place for empty emotional rhetoric, nor a platform for the Democrat party.  As the “Conscience of the Congress,” the CBC must show concern for the failed economic policies which have led to record debt and deficits.  We should be aware of a void in visionary leadership which has resulted in national unemployment hovering at above 9 percent, at 11 percent in my home state of Florida, and exorbitantly higher in the black community.  America finds itself contending with a misguided healthcare law resulting in higher insurance premiums, cuts to Medicare, the creation of 159 government agencies and bureaucracies, and more than 1,100 granted waivers to special interests. 

The recent reckless spending policies and fiscal irresponsibility of the 110th and 111th Congress’ pose the greatest threat to our national security, our free market system, and the future of this constitution and republic for our children and grandchildren.  And let us not forget that 60 percent  of combat fatalities in Afghanistan have come under the current Commander-in-Chief.

These are the facts.  This is a new day for the CBC, one of critical objective analysis and assessment, not partisan hyperbole.

If we, the CBC, are the “Conscience of the Congress,” then let us no longer suffer from amnesia. “

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