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Featured Post: President Bobblehead by Alan Caruba

As is typical for me, I am posting a piece from Alan Caruba at Warning Signs as my Saturday post. For me, this was a no-brainer. My friends and family who have heard me speak about President Obama for the last … Continue reading

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Feature Post: Ignoring Iran to Our Peril ~ by Alan Caruba

This is our second feature of the double feature from Warning Signs. In this piece, Alan warns us to not turn a blind eye on Iran. We are on the brink of another nuclear super-power and quite possibly a standoff… if … Continue reading

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Feature Post: Unleashing Americans ~ by Alan Caruba

This is the first of a double -feature of posts from Alan Caruba’s blog, Warning Signs. The first one deals with our current state of affairs in America and just what brought about the Tea Party as well as where … Continue reading

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Religion versus Reason ~ by Stephen Peele

This is a post that is written by a very good friend, Stephen Peele. I have tried (unsuccessfully) for some time to get him to become a contributor on Questioning With Boldness… because of his wisdom but he has a very busy … Continue reading

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Feature Post: Our Role in Restoring America and the States by Green Mountain Scribes

I would like to take a moment to send some of my readers to a newly created blog that I suspect will become a terrific site very quickly. I am referring to Green Mountain Scribes and the person behind it … Continue reading

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