Questioning… Why Are We Ignoring The Reality In Order To Push A Gun Control Fantasy?

Why are we not looking at what is really wrong with these shooters? Why are we focusing on the gun instead of the shooter? Anyone who has any training regarding an active shooter situation knows that when confronted with a gun, people will fix their attention on the gun rather than the shooter himself. Is that what is happening here? Are we looking at the immediately obvious threat rather than the actual threat that controls the gun?

With the terrible shooting in CT this week, this story got put out with seemingly little to no notice. I’d question whether that was intentional or not, myself. Anyway, remember the Oregon mall shooting less than 2 weeks ago? There is a reason why that shooting ended the way it did and it had NOTHING to do with police intervention!

The shooter took his own life when he was confronted by a man who was a concealed carry holder. This man did not fire a single shot. He merely presented a gun into the situation and the shooter knew he was now up against another armed person.

A lot can be said about this. First, mass shooters are cowards hellbent on trying to run up a death count for noteriety sake. They intend to take their own lives after killing people but they want to leave a legacy first. When they see that their time may be up, they often take their life in a last act of cowardice. Second, they seek out areas that will help facilitate getting that notorious death count that one ups the last story or puts them in the record books. Third, why would anyone think that making guns illegal would stop a person who wants to kill others? Killing is the far worse crime here yet we think that making the possession of a gun harder will somehow prevent someone who wants to do something so much worse. Does making it illegal to break open a locked door prevent burglaries? Does posting a financial penalty make everyone return their books to the library on time? The obvious answers are “NO”.

No matter what the gun control advocates are trying to do with legislation, they are addressing the wrong side of the problem. They are relying on your emotions to guide your decisions rather than your sound reasoning based on thoughtful discussion. Both real-life situations as well as logical thought should tell you that the problem with these shooters goes WAY beyond access to guns. They are ALL mentally disturbed. Instead of worrying about guns, legislators need to address the problems at their root, not at the fruit that it bears. As America transcends into a quagmire of ideological battles heated up by continuous rhetoric of class inequality and socially irrelevant issues that dominate our headlines, we are pushing people to their breaking point. Some folks in America just are not equipped with the tools necessary to function with a shifting society and they decide to throw it all away in a grand statement of their disgust. It is this issue that we MUST focus on. We are raising our kids without the fundamental building blocks to deal with life’s problems and no compass with which to help them find the rightful solutions to their worries.

On top of this, we are promoting all sorts of issues that are far less important as though they are the end-all of America’s problems. These desperate folks need help, help dealing with their real-world problems. They have mental health problems that only professional help can address. The sources of their problems come from the pressures we all are experiencing as we tune in to see what is happening in the news today.

Instead of fixing America, our politicians are too busy trying to push legislative measures that divide America. Instead of helping heal the chasm that they have created in the soul of America, they are trying to build greater roadblocks. So long as they focus on band aids instead of removing the cancers, Americans will be tuning in to see who one-upped who this time.

We have a new and horrifying version of “keeping up with the Joneses” and no one seems to want to really address it because it just isn’t politically expedient.

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3 Responses to Questioning… Why Are We Ignoring The Reality In Order To Push A Gun Control Fantasy?

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  2. Joe says:

    This guy is right on.

    Using the stupid, ignorant, single-minded, foolish, “anti-gun” technique, we should all be demanding a ban on automobiles, booze, cigarettes, dope, etc.

  3. “Second, they seek out areas that will help facilitate getting that notorious death count . . . .”

    So true. Or, as Dan Mitchell suggests, when lawmakers create a “gun-free” victim zone, they might as well be hanging a sign saying, “All law-abiding patrons of this establishment have been disarmed for your convenience.”

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