Questioning…’s Thoughts on the Recent Public Mass Shootings

If all we do is focus on the “effects” and never try to understand the “causes”, we will never change our ways. The results come from something far greater than a mechanical device. A gun is merely a method of creating a result. The sickness within the human is what is to blame and in far too many of these horrific shootings, that sickness had been festering for a long time before some shell of a human being decided to carry out their darkest fantasies. We must look at what turned the lights out in the mind of these people rather than blame the implement with which someone acted out.


Consider this… if, in response to this terrible situation, someone tells you to personally go buy a gun and to get a permit to carry it, are they telling you to shoot up some public place? Do you suddenly envision yourself carrying out that kind of act all of the sudden, just because they suggested for you to start carrying a gun? Ask yourself this: Why don’t you see yourself killing people just because you have a gun? The answer is because you are a stable and balanced person without any fantasies of violence against your fellow man. You value life and respect the right for others to live as well, am I right? THAT is what separates you from these depraved people. You are not like them and they are not like you.


You must now begin to realize that the problem is not the gun rather, it is the human condition. The societal influences combined with the pressures of everyday life while lacking a proper foundation for a healthy value of life is where we need to place blame. We have come to a place in our society where we are not taking the time to raise our children ourselves. We don’t step in and teach them about life and how beautiful it is. We are too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses and working in the modern rat race, while our precious children are left behind to fend for themselves. They lose that sense of love that we all need because, so often, people don’t make the time necessary to show their children what love is anymore.

We are so quick to blame guns… yet guns don’t know what love is or understand how to hate. People do, though. All of these sick people who shoot up movie theaters, schools, college campuses, and malls are all old enough to know what their actions are. But how quick do we forget that, at one point, all of these people were children once. We blame guns because it is easy to blame an inanimate object. We categorically proclaim these murderers as monsters, thereby devaluing them and ignoring that somewhere along the way they were innocent, young, impressionable minds. When they were young, they were in need of guidance and somehow, somewhere, the message was lost. The message never made it to them because we are all looking to get ahead, or just get by, or just stay afloat. The prospect of falling behind is too personally frightening and it causes us all to work harder and put in more time at work. We press harder to earn more and to buy more. But our children don’t need that. They simply need to know that we care about them. They need to understand what life is all about and why we value a family more than we value our possessions.

We are so caught up in the “worldly” and forget what really matters. We keep forgetting to turn back to where we all started because we are too busy with the distractions of where we are trying to go. Our children are not being brought along the path in our journey so they don’t see what it is that has so many of us distracted. We don’t stop to see how they’re looking but not seeing, nor do we even realize that we are looking but not seeing either.

We are so busy trying to figure out how to get whatever it is that we think we need or whatever it is that we are missing out on. Does anyone seem to know what we are missing out on? Does anyone know what we need but aren’t finding? The answer is Him. The answer is that we must follow His lead and keep Him in our sight. We should all step back and think about the innocence of youth. We should all remember that we were once young and in need of compassion and understanding. We all wanted to be a part of something special. Today, we forget how “being part of something special” really means being a part of Him. We’ve lost that focus because we forgot the part of the Bible that talks about being like children… To love life like children and to see things with the innocence of a child.


In today’s fast-paced life, we are made to be so busy that we don’t even realize that our children are emulating our own behaviors without them even understanding what it is that they are seeing. When they are finally on their own, they don’t know how or why they are doing things and they quickly find themselves lost. We are hurrying our children to grow up and not giving them the fundamental building blocks of morality. It is time for us all to stop blaming inanimate objects and to place the blame squarely upon those with free will, humans.


Find the cause and fix it or forever be at the mercy of inanimate objects that will unexpectedly go crazy and shoot up the place.

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