Questions… Where are the questions?

Why aren’t we asking questions? Once upon a time, the media(and by default, the American population) held Presidents accountable for their actions well after the fact. How long did the media ride President Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan? Or Bush, Sr. on our first foray into Iraq? And to be honest, the media even held onto stories about Clinton’s ladies and made him have to answer to it.

 But not this President. WHY?!? We could review all of the scandals – IRS, NSA, Obamacare and the unions, etc – but that isn’t the important connection that SHOULD BE addressed right now!

 We are on the verge of getting involved in a civil war in Syria. This is not our first military involvement under President Obama. This will be our third in the Middle East and that makes it ABSOLUTELY relevant that we analyze his previous efforts. How can we proceed headlong into another war putting our troops into harm’s way without even giving any consideration to what our expectations of success are? We should look at what President Obama has accomplished first and that is the role of the media in America!

 Let’s look at Egypt. We helped to depose Mubarak. We suddenly saw him as the worst dictator in the Middle East, yet everything in history showed that to be false. Yes, he was a dictator but he was secularist who maintained stability in a very important part of the region. He was the gatekeeper for peace with Israel. We toppled him and installed a BRUTAL Muslim Brotherhood. That lasted a short time before the world’s largest protests ever helped to remove them from power. Ever since we went into Egypt the country has been immersed in vicious lawlessness with Christians under attack.

 Let’s look at Libya. We got involved in Libya because “rebels” decided to overthrow Qaddafi after being inspired by America’s help in Egypt. These “rebels” (who are al Qaeda) decided that they could appeal to America for our intervention on their behalf. Obama goes to the UN and then takes a back seat, effectively giving himself plausible deniability, and hopes to move his name away from the headlines after bad results. Libya has been mired in absolute turmoil ever since. Qaddafi was a crappy leader who had bad intentions but had been neutered ever since President Reagan dropped a bomb in his backyard – literally. And this does bring into focus another of Obama’s scandals that is relevant to everyone except the media: Benghazi and what happened one year ago. Will we ever find out?

 But here we sit… Syria. Rebels in Syria –>- al Qaeda <— again appeal to America for help overthrowing a “brutal dictator”. Assad has helped maintain a delicate balance of limited peace to the north of Israel and has kept a stable nation during his reign as dictator. Syria is a nation of Muslims and Christians living side-by-side, and despite the tension they had been doing so without much violence. That was until more al Qaeda savages felt inspiration by President Obama’s helping hand.

 So… should we involve ourselves? What will the landscape look like afterwards? Unstable with muslim-controlled acts of genocide? Will we have further stacked the deck against Israel and made an already unstable environment worse? Will we be drawn into a far greater war later on as we defend our true ally, Israel? Will we be an exhausted nation, tired of its wars by then, and reluctant to assist a true friend?

 So… did al Qaeda suddenly have a change of heart from 12 years ago when they flew planes into our Pentagon, into the World Trade Center, and were stopped in Shanksville, PA? How did they become a friend and ally one year after orchestrating the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi and killing our Ambassador?

 So… Where is the media? Is President Obama really on America’s side? Or is he working against our best interests by pretending these conflicts are a threat using short-sighted vision while in the long-run we are creating a massive enemy? When he said that he would stand with the muslims should the political winds shift against them, did he mean that he intended to shift the winds against them in order to be able to stand with them? Is his only acceptable version of a muslim the kind that become rebels, the ones who are the Muslim Brotherhood? Why did he just send them a message saying that his administration is a proud partner? What did he partner with them on?

 Where is the media? Where are the questions?

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