God, Bless, Have Mercy and Remember America Again ~ by Jack Daniels | Posted at iOwnTheWorld.com

This is an article that I stumbled upon yesterday. I enjoyed the author’s perspective and thought my readers might as well. I am going to post about half here and if you want to continue reading, there will be a link for you to head over to finish it. 

God, Bless, Have Mercy and Remember America Again

By Jack Daniels

My intent is not to depress or accuse, but address the gravity of the situation in our nation.


I had to stop reading for a while. Here’s why. Before you pummel me with rebukes, ask yourself if America is the same as you remember when you were young?

Since I was a child, I learned and read about the uniqueness of the American Experience, the exceptionalism and greatness that was America. I believed it, I loved it, and I argued about it and defended it to friends and family and strangers at home and abroad. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, The Mayflower Compact; these sacred documents are what made the USA unique and great. Not in and of themselves, but because they embodied the uniqueness of the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, acknowledging our Creator and His intricate value of man, and the inalienable freedom that is given by our loving Creator. No other document like it exists in ANY country in the world founded by man, past or present. A nation born, established and prospered as a result of a covenant made with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not by God’s edict, but by man’s understanding that a covenant with God, was to be the blueprint, inspired by God’s word, to her survival, freedom and prosperity.

I believed that the words, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”, meant exactly THAT.

With great and profound sadness, sadness remnant of the great prophets of old who foresaw the destruction and straying of Israel and wept bitterly for her, my belief in her is faltering. In the present state of affairs, the ultimate and inevitable direction she is going, I struggle to believe in the strength of the USA, not the ideal of America, but rather the fortitude of her people defending these ideals, and this realization sickens me to the very core of my being, I cannot express to you how much.

I once believed what Ronald Reagan believed, that the USA was a light, a beacon to ALL the nations of the world! I believed that if the USA failed, the world failed. My beloved nation is collapsing.

I see corrupt lawyers, judges, revisionists, liberals, gays, feminists, educators atheists, pantheists and public officials slowly and systematically destroy, alter and rewrite history and the constitution, and the ‘people’ stood by and let it happen, intoxicated with entertainment, self absorbed interest, lethargic and apathy induced hedonism.

Conservatives bite and gnaw at each other’s ankles, never truly united, divided by ideological nuances, wanting, needing and pandering for the approval of the enemy to be seen as tolerant, righteous, while selling their soul, compromising their integrity, compromising their values, only to be fed another day of their gluttonous want. I see people claim to be conservative but reject God – how can this be? This is an oxymoron. The very essence of conservatives is faith in Family, Country AND God. To hope in one while rejecting the most significant part; God, is suicide on a national level. We have historical evidence in abundance to this testament. Secular societies have ALWAYS failed. The rejection of God as a nation has left her to utter ruin.

God bless America; while America allows more ‘legal’ abortions than those Jews who were executed under Hitler during the same time frame, more than the number of people Stalin murdered. 47 million innocent lives and the number is growing daily!

Read the rest of this great piece HERE at iOwnTheWorld.com

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