Wisdom Of The Day: Patrick Henry

“It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”

~ Patrick Henry, Ratifier of the U.S. Constitution; The Trumpet Voice of Freedom: Patrick Henry of Virginia, p. iii.

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2 Responses to Wisdom Of The Day: Patrick Henry

  1. Amen Eric…I wish more people read this..perhaps the latest “history” professor from Georgetown Uni (how sad is that a uni named after the great CHRISTIAN President George Washington)…who wrote [I will paraphrase] that Thomas Jefferson WAS NOT a Christian…in fact he claims quite the opposite…he claims Thomas Jefferson turned his back on Christianity and denounced Christ…I’m sure he’s sharing this opinion with his students…and because they are uniformed and not motivated to read original documents or taught to distrust their college instructors they will not investigate that false claim for themselves, but will internalize it AND it will become part of their historical fallacy….

    • I’ve gone around on the topic of Thomas Jefferson’s beliefs a handful of times. Those who claim he was a non-believer use him as hero for atheism… I even had the go-around here at Questioning… and they used the famous quote as a point. It shows how small their mind is when they use false claims and even worse, can’t interpret a quote correctly. Unresearched and ignorant… but then again, that is how one would arrive at atheism anyhow.

      As for this particular quote… I believe it to be the most important quote I’ve ever stumbled upon to truly understand America andit’s founding. You have to know that the secular left tools would never want this one to go viral or to be heard by the masses. It shoots all sorts of holes in their rush to drive faith and religion and ESPECIALLY Christianity out of America.

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