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Video: Thatcher ~ There is no such thing as public money

Some REAL food for thought…

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Days Of Rage: Coming to Wall St. This September

I have neglected Questioning With Boldness… lately and I regret that. I have been engrossed in the events unfolding in our country and outside of it as well. Between the riots in the UK and finding out who’s behind them … Continue reading

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Video: Andrew Klavan: Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale.

Enjoy some Andrew Klavan.

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Feature Post: Unleashing Americans ~ by Alan Caruba

This is the first of a double -feature of posts from Alan Caruba’s blog, Warning Signs. The first one deals with our current state of affairs in America and just what brought about the Tea Party as well as where … Continue reading

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Wisdom Of The Day: James Madison

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” ~ James Madison, speech at the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

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God, Bless, Have Mercy and Remember America Again ~ by Jack Daniels | Posted at iOwnTheWorld.com

This is an article that I stumbled upon yesterday. I enjoyed the author’s perspective and thought my readers might as well. I am going to post about half here and if you want to continue reading, there will be a … Continue reading

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Food Not Bombs and Anonymous launch simultaneous attacks on Orlando

As I traveled through the world of “Facebook News Feeds” this morning, I came across a video blog from a rock station DJ on one of my favorite radio stations. He had recorded a pretty good rant this morning about a development that … Continue reading

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Look… On the horizon! I see a ship with a socialist flag. Is it taking the black community forward or back in history?

I was making my rounds earlier today and came across a very thought provoking piece by Colin over at Fleece Me. The piece, A clarion call African Americans, takes on a very difficult topic: the black community and what it can … Continue reading

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Ted Nugent goes on the Pier Morgan Tonight program… Piers, you’re so British

Ted Nugent was on the Piers Morgan Tonight program on CNN where he shared his thoughts on anything from welfare and programs for wounded veterans to gun control and . Unfotunately, CNN thinks that anyone enbedding their precious YouTube videos is a … Continue reading


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Video shows pro-Palestine/anti-Israel movement disrupting Pastor John Hagee’s event in support of Israel.

The video that is included in this post was uploaded by some of the supporters of this anti-Israel movement…. The message that accompanies the video is as follows: “san antonio community organizers stood in solidarity with palestine on may 15 2011 and … Continue reading

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