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Video: Ed Schultz Calls Laura Ingraham a Slut ~ by Alfonzo Rachel at Macho Sauce Productions

Another Zonation video… Here he gives his .02 on Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut…

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Video shows pro-Palestine/anti-Israel movement disrupting Pastor John Hagee’s event in support of Israel.

The video that is included in this post was uploaded by some of the supporters of this anti-Israel movement…. The message that accompanies the video is as follows: “san antonio community organizers stood in solidarity with palestine on may 15 2011 and … Continue reading


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Video: Ben Stein: The Arab Spring Is a Fraud

As my readers could probably guess, I am in complete agreement with Ben Stein’s assessment on the Arab uprising in the Middle East… Here is his take on it:

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(NOW UPDATED)Saudi woman spits on Walmart shoppers in Florida. More homegrown terrorism that isn’t from the Tea Party.

Well, I found that ‘ballet mom’ muslim who must’ve left her hijab in the minivan. Apparently she isn’t so innocent either. Whether some folks on the liberal left want to admit it or accept the reality, muslims are becoming more and … Continue reading

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Politically Correct or Morally Correct? What Is The Purpose Of American Life?

Everyday that passes, I realize how much more our country needs a true leader, one who has their priorities in order. We need someone who can remind us of what matters most to us all so that we can once … Continue reading

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Bin Laden Buried At Sea… Bad Choice

I am pretty angry about waking up(yeah, I know it’s late… but I was up until 3AM again) only to find out that Bin Laden was already “buried at sea”. This enrages me beyond belief. There is no satisfaction in that at … Continue reading

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Video: Andrew Klavan: How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre ~ PajamasMedia

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Video: The Muslim Students Association pledge of allegiance

Typically, Sunday is my lighthearted posting day so I am sorry to post something so heavy and frustrating but I just found this. I think it is too important to not post. I ask everyone to listen to these words … Continue reading

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Video: Katie Couric goes to Egypt, finally sees what real “vitriol” looks like…and it’s no tea party!

How about that Muslim Cosby Show now Ms. Couric?!?!?!!!!!! Guess you got your eye-opening experience into real and true Muslim ideology? It’s not so sweet and innocent and respectful as you wanted us to think, is it? Now if only … Continue reading

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Honoring Vietnam Vets? Fayetteville Mayor Chavonne wants to do it the wrong way

Just a little over a week ago I wrote a piece about Jane Fonda’s tweets about Sarah Palin in the aftermath of the shooting in Tucson. You can see it here. In that piece, I also featured an article about Jane … Continue reading

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