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In His Own Words: West Statement on the Iranian Court Decision

West Statement on the Iranian Court Decision (WASHINGTON)  —  Congressman Allen West (FL-22) arrived today in Tel Aviv, Israel and released the following statement with regard to the Iranian court decision: “I am outraged at the Iranian judicial process, which … Continue reading

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From the McKinney Diaries…More precious MCKinney Moments

Here at QwB we “love” Cynthia McKinney ex-United States Representative (D-Ga.) current crack-pot “fete e” of the terrorist regimes in the Middle Waste…er…East… Well “love” may be a misnomer, we “love” to tell our readers about her anti-American rhetoric that … Continue reading

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Feature Post: Ignoring Iran to Our Peril ~ by Alan Caruba

This is our second feature of the double feature from Warning Signs. In this piece, Alan warns us to not turn a blind eye on Iran. We are on the brink of another nuclear super-power and quite possibly a standoff… if … Continue reading

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