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Thoughts On The Coming Election And What We Can Expect…

The reality is, that as we move closer to the November elections and the Democrats see their grip on the system slip away, that we can expect them to pillage the government. They will make our tax money available to … Continue reading

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Video: Obama says adding $4 trillion to debt is unpatriotic.

In honor of President Obama surpassing the $4 Trillion spending number, I share this video. Oh and…HEY Liberals! Listen to the man that you defend so virulently tell us about what is unpatriotic! Stop your damned hypocrisy and start loving this … Continue reading

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Why Americans need to get greedy. Learn from the lessons of the world.

When you go to the bank for a consolidation loan, they use criteria to determine whether you should receive that loan. Among those criteria is the need to determine the risk of loaning money. In other words, to understand why you are … Continue reading

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More Government Waste… a la National Science Foundation

I had been doing a series of posts on government waste but haven’t posted anything in that category recently… Until NOW. Have a look at this press release from Senator Tom Coburn: May 26 2011 Dr. Coburn Releases New Oversight Report … Continue reading

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