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Video: Teaparty Hobbits

I am a hobbit. What are you?

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Video: Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel

How many terrorists wear a yarmulke? I STAND WITH ISRAEL!

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Alan Grayson gets desperate; attacks Glenn Beck. Stay classy in defeat Comrade Disgraceful

from The Blaze Glenn Beck has made his disdain for Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) very clear. After the Congressman aired an ad blatantly misquoting and misrepresenting his opponent‘s stance on womens’ rights, Beck relentlessly ridiculed the freshman Democratic, even joking … Continue reading

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Which message speaks to you?

Something to think about… On August 28th, Glenn Beck held an event at the Lincoln Memorial called Restoring Honor. In this event, Beck implored Americans to return to core religious principles like hope, faith, and charity. The event had speakers of … Continue reading

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