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Random Quote of the Day: Joseph Stalin

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” ~ Joseph Stalin THAT quote parents should give you SERIOUS pause….

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Look… On the horizon! I see a ship with a socialist flag. Is it taking the black community forward or back in history?

I was making my rounds earlier today and came across a very thought provoking piece by Colin over at Fleece Me. The piece, A clarion call African Americans, takes on a very difficult topic: the black community and what it can … Continue reading

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More Obamacare waivers! So Utopian and Socialist….

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a blog article in their paper today with Jamie Dupree telling us that the HHS has announced another series of waivers for the Obamacare boondoggle. Although the number of new waivers was limited to only 129, approximately half … Continue reading

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Obama, As Red As It Gets ~ by Alan Caruba

This week’s featured post comes from Alan Caruba’s Warning Signs. It’s an excellent look at President Obama and his Communist ways. As I always point out, Warning Signs is by far one of my favorite blogs because Alan Caruba is … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy and his ladies… in the Chilean Brothel

This comes from Judicial Watch. Ted Kennedy had some hot nights in Santiago! Oh yeah, and he partied down with commies… think he was comparing notes on vodka? Judicial Watch Obtains Previously Redacted Material from the FBI File of the … Continue reading

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45 Current Communist Goals as read into the Congressional Record in 1963

While doing some research about Hanoi Jane, I came across this very interesting article/page here. I have copy and pasted the bulk of the page for easier reading below. This is identified as an excerpt that was read into the … Continue reading

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Jane Fonda’s twitter posts about Sarah Palin and “Just who is Jane Fonda?”

In the aftermath of the shootings in Arizona, the nation was aswirl with attacks upon the right side of the political aisle. There were various media outlets spewing anti-Tea Party reports, blaming “vitriolic rhetoric”, and finally getting to their point… … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi Says Repeal Of Obamacare Would Be ‘Violence’

This is how frightening the Democrats really are!!! If you disagree that the Democrats are taking over our Healthcare against anyone and everyone’s wishes, please listen to Nancy Pelosi say it herself!!! When the government steps in and takes over … Continue reading

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Liberty by Jordan Page

Here is an excellent song from Joran Page titled, “Liberty”. If you are feeling like We The People are losing our grip on our nation, have a listen to this song. I will be adding this song to my page … Continue reading

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Judge Napolitano: If You Don’t Want The Government To Touch Your Genitals Be Prepared To Be Treated Like An Enemy

Great segment from Judge Napolitano about more continued losses of our freedoms at the hands of over-zealous policy makers. He hits on California, Texas, and the TSA in this short video…

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