‘Overnight’ Is A Lifetime

I believe our government is lost. It is no longer what we thought it was. Our nation will never resemble what we all knew as we grew up.

What you once thought freedom in America looked like is gone forever. Our great America changed ‘overnight’ while everyone ‘slept’ through their responsibility as citizens.

It’s not enough to just show up and vote or to pick teams. We were supposed to hold our chosen political representatives to their responsibilities and to their promises. We were supposed to monitor our government every single day. We were to ensure that they were upholding the Constitution every single day. We were supposed to pass on our great liberty, our grand experiment in freedom, to our future generations. We failed them. We are responsible for what happened.

People did not pay attention as the Democrat party slid further and further left until it became a shill for Marxism. People did not pay attention as the Republican party followed the Democrats trying to pick up voters. That same Republican party, in turn, became a shill for progressivism. This is the bridge of socialism into communism. ‘Overnight’, our two party system morphed into a single-minded body of power-hungry individuals who do not do what they lead you to believe they do.

I routinely watch what happens on the Senate floor and in the House of Representatives. What actually happens there is NOT what you are told from the media outlets, whether in print or televised. Instead of holding our responsibility dear and using the sources available to us to ensure our elected officials do what we elect then to do, we rely on others to editorialize it for us.

Our media has come between us and our government. They are the veil that allowed the parties to deceitfully change our country. People unknowingly go along with things as though it’s business as usual and nothing is out of the normal. We’ve stopped questioning things. We accept what we are told by others in the news media(and social) at face value without ever engaging our own thought process. If it sounds like it reinforces what we think, we accept it.

The hole in that is that what we think our government does is shaped, molded, created by the media. The idea we have in our minds has been placed there by what people in the media told us. We should have been looking around the curtain of media personalities and going straight to the source itself. We should have been watching Congress ourselves with our own eyes and no one telling us what to think about what we’re seeing.

We have all been brainwashed by media sources that have their own angle on what’s happening. Our thoughts were created by others, not by ourselves. We’ve received constant narratives that are not the actual truth. We are being fed agenda based stories to elicit emotions in us.

If you actually took interest in history and read up on the way Hitler was able to rise to power – read about the days and months after the Reichstag fire – you would see the covert nature that government officials work in, when allowed to act behind closed doors. Obviously, many of us did not pay attention to the former USSR and how they used Pravda to ‘inform’ the people what to think.

We have had many lessons through history but we ignored them. We didn’t see the need to to be responsible and to ask questions. We allowed others to fill our minds with revisioned opinions and that go unchallenged. These same people are covering what you’re seeing today on the TV. These same people are feeding your mind with their opinions and informing you what to think about it.

Sure, it would be great if what is happening wasn’t happening. But if these people waited until after the vote tally was completed and Trump loses, then you would hear things like ‘sore losers’ and ‘sour grapes’ and ‘too late’. The only truth there is that it is too late. This is the last effort to try to stop what is happening to America.

This is not simply about a single election, this is about what has happened for decades. This is about where the country is heading because of an out of check government. This may well be the last peaceful check and balance left. The ballot box failed. The judicial box has failed. The soap box is a complete joke. And the only remaining box is one that NO ONE wants to open.

Plenty of people saw this coming. Many of us tried to wake people up. Instead, the consciousness of America fell to becoming ‘woke’ instead. Who spearheaded the ‘woke culture’ and delivered it into your homes? The same people who provided the veil to a corrupt government, that’s who. That is part of the veil. Look here instead of over there where your government is doing bad things that will hurt you later.

Remember images of “mostly peaceful” protests in Minnesota with fires raging out of control in the background? Remember images of violence by “peaceful protestors” using bricks and nails on the end of their sticks to stab with? Those stories were brought to your awareness by the same people telling you that what’s happening today is “violent” and “unAmerican” and directing your thoughts. Your eyes don’t lie. Just ask yourself questions. Seek answers. But don’t let media tell you what to think.

Overnight literally refers to the dark period from one day to the next. But, metaphorically it can mean an indefinite length of time. People believe the election was stolen from President Trump overnight. I do. But, the country was stolen bit by bit over decades…

that’s ‘overnight’ in our lifetime.

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