Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Lives

We are on the eve of what may be the single biggest day ever in the history of our country…. I can’t believe we finally made it here. It has been a long four years and what a rough four years it has been!

Tonight I will be praying for my country… that is nothing new for me though. I have prayed every evening for my country since we wound up in this mess. But tonight will be different. I have a chance to ask the Lord specifically about delivering His will for America tomorrow and to finally ask Him to heal our wounds. Tonight will be when I am able to ask for something like that and expect to see some of His work come to light tomorrow.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, I know He will do what He does so well. I know that we will see His work tomorrow amidst the rest of the days events. It may be hard to spot His hand but I expect that will be because He will be competing against man’s free will.There will be some ugly actions that can only be attributed to the nature of mankind who has strayed far from His word and that is ok. It won’t be ok by Him but it will be ok for us to see because that is how we will know just how far we have drifted away. The real healing of our country will begin with the realization of what our ailments are and from that knowledge we must work to bring ourselves closer to Him as a nation again.

Even if Barack Obama wins again, the work starts as the woes are revealed. Tomorrow, we start coming together again. After this election, should Obama be re-elected, then the die is cast and we get to work to undo the damage. Tomorrow, if Romney wins, we take the high road and avoid gloating or acting like we are going to punish anyone. That is the way of the modern left…. the way that God has taught us NOT to go. We become closer to Him tomorrow by using the wisdom we have learned over the last four years while we served Him. If we want to make things right, we act as God would have us act. Righteous and respectful.

I hope we can get this right tomorrow. I hope we get it right with our votes AND our voices. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives… let’s start it off right by Him first.

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