President Obama is no Captain Duncan Ingraham | A contrast of battles never fought

I have been infuriated beyond belief as I continue to read how our “Commander-In-Chief” was unable to find an ouce of courage yet again and this time 4 Americans died because of this pathetic excuse for a President that we have. The facts continue to come to light and they are looking worse and worse for American honor in the office at the highest level. Many bloggers are carrying the details as they break so I won’t go into that, rather I want to take a look at another very momentous time in American history that was also another battle that was never fought. It is recounted by Ronald Reagan in his much celebrated “We Will Be A City Upon A Hill” speech in 1974 and it displays a very powerful difference between courage and cowardice. The latter being President Obama and his apologetic administration bent on increasing American antipathy everywhere.

From Reagan’s speech:

“In the meantime, men who yearned to breathe free were making their way to our shores. Among them was a young refugee from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He had been a leader in an attempt to free Hungary from Austrian rule. The attempt had failed and he fled to escape execution. In America, this young Hungarian, Koscha by name, became an importer by trade and took out his first citizenship papers. One day, business took him to a Mediterranean port. There was a large Austrian warship under the command of an admiral in the harbor. He had a manservant with him. He had described to this manservant what the flag of his new country looked like. Word was passed to the Austrian warship that this revolutionary was there and in the night he was kidnapped and taken aboard that large ship. This man’s servant, desperate, walking up and down the harbor, suddenly spied a flag that resembled the description he had heard. It was a small American war sloop. He went aboard and told Captain Ingraham, of that war sloop, his story. Captain Ingraham went to the American Consul. When the American Consul learned that Koscha had only taken out his first citizenship papers, the consul washed his hands of the incident. Captain Ingraham said, “I am the senior officer in this port and I believe, under my oath of my office, that I owe this man the protection of our flag.”

He went aboard the Austrian warship and demanded to see their prisoner, our citizen. The Admiral was amused, but they brought the man on deck. He was in chains and had been badly beaten. Captain Ingraham said, “I can hear him better without those chains,” and the chains were removed. He walked over and said to Koscha, “I will ask you one question; consider your answer carefully. Do you ask the protection of the American flag?” Koscha nodded dumbly, “Yes,” and the Captain said, “You shall have it.” He went back and told the frightened consul what he had done. Later in the day three more Austrian ships sailed into harbor. It looked as though the four were getting ready to leave. Captain Ingraham sent a junior officer over to the Austrian flag ship to tell the Admiral that any attempt to leave that harbor with our citizen aboard would be resisted with appropriate force. He said that he would expect a satisfactory answer by four o’clock that afternoon. As the hour neared they looked at each other through the glasses. As it struck four he had them roll the cannons into the ports and had them light the tapers with which they would set off the cannons — one little sloop. Suddenly the lookout tower called out and said, “They are lowering a boat,” and they rowed Koscha over to the little American ship.

Captain Ingraham then went below and wrote his letter of resignation to the United States Navy. In it he said, “I did what I thought my oath of office required, but if I have embarrassed my country in any way, I resign.” His resignation was refused in the United States Senate with these words: “This battle that was never fought may turn out to be the most important battle in our Nation’s history.” Incidentally, there is to this day, and I hope there always will be, a USS Ingraham in the United States Navy.

I did not tell that story out of any desire to be narrowly chauvinistic or to glorify aggressive militarism, but it is an example of government meeting its highest responsibility.”

Now contrast that with what we are learning of the actions of the Obama administration as Benghazi was unfolding. Telling Tyrone Woods and the other CIA operatives to stand down thereby leaving Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith and the possibility of others in the compound to die is tantamount to absolute leadership failure. I point to Ronald Reagan’s very own words for what we should expect of our government when called upon to render assistance to an American citizen… they are expected to be fearless as “an example of government meeting its highest responsibility”.

Courtesy of Craig Andresen, Author of The National Patriot

“If we wish to be free, if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending, if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained _ we must fight!” ~ Patrick Henry

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3 Responses to President Obama is no Captain Duncan Ingraham | A contrast of battles never fought

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  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    This should have been the nail in Obama’s coffin for re-election. But it won’t be.

    • I completely agree! Sadly, as the the people were starting to realize the enormity of the mess, Sandy came along. Sandy is Barack Obama’s Katrina. He hurried in and made a statement, took some pictures, and even took a jab at the Benghazi story abd then quickly ran out to go campaign again. The press stayed behind and began the work of burying the stories of Sandy. They spent days making Obama look like a caring compassionate guy while he actually did nothing for the Northeast. FEMA? Even worse jobthis time than in New Orleans. Media? Spinning harder then ever to protect Obama. Absolute garbage!!!

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