Some Thoughts On The Arab Autumn… The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

It appears that we have lost other embassies… this time in Tunis and Khartoum. Every nation that was involved in some sort of uprising in the “Arab Spring” has turned against us. Are you surprised? These results are what Obama was after with the Arab Spring. He was seeking to strengthen the people of these countries… but what no one cared to ask was who the people were that he wanted to strengthen. He was only out to give aid to the dangerous factions who wanted to oppress the people. Understand this: Obama was a liberator of people whom he felt a kinship with. He sees these people as radicals of change. He does not truly view these people as freedom fighters or people that can work with a democracy. He knows these people well enough to know better. They remind him of himself. He sees these people as folks with a message that hasn’t been given a proper platform in his eyes.

So, who are these radicals of change and what is the change that they are seeking? These people are comprised of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and the Taliban. These people are driven by passion(hate is a passion) and that enlivens Obama’s own thirst for change. The change they seek is a “fundamental transformation” of their country. They want to flip their countries upside down and reinvent them, much like what Obama is hoping to do here.

Obama sees himself as an underdog. He thinks he was oppressed and his family was oppressed and now he is fighting for the voices of the oppressed. He believes it is “their turn” and they will oppress the oppressors. As we watch and observe weak rhetoric only overshadowed by silence from Obama, we have to know that this is his way of allowing this to continue. He is employing the same strategy with what is happening overseas right now with how he handled the Occupy protests. He is giving them a platform and allowing them to take control or fail trying.

Essentially, these last four years have been a stall tactic. Rather than a strong America standing for what is right and what is reasonable, we are watching a president allow everyone to throw a temper tantrum. This administration lacks integrity from the very top all the way down through the very bottom. Remember these words: “from the top down, the bottom up, and the inside out”… well that describes where the integrity is lacking in the current administration. To the very core, this group is rotten.

Let’s try a little visual exercise for a moment. Imagine a daycare that has a teacher skip work that day and no one sits in the playroom for the day… all of the kids will scream and throw toys and trash the place. No one is satisfied and no real growth or “progress” is made. Now, think of that daycare choosing one of the kids with behavioral problems to run the playroom. That child will stir the others up into trashing the playroom and then sit back while he watches it all go on with a sense of pride and joy because he created that. Our President sits somewhere between these two analogies. On some days, he is just absent… on other days, he is the pot stirrer. Some days he leads from behind and on other days, he is instigating the mess.

Well, the Middle East is just one great big sand box to this president and America is the main playroom. He is enjoying the rule of the entire daycare and until he is put into time out, we can expect this to continue on unabated. This election is not just about restoring the rule of law in America but it is about restoring stability around the world. We can no longer afford to allow temper tantrums, or even worse, obnoxious kids to bully the sand box and main playroom. It is time to have adults making the decisions again.

When history looks back at this short-lived era of change, I suspect that the people throwing the temper tantrums around the world will be viewed as the arbiters of oppression, not the uprising of the oppressed. I believe the national narrative will eventually return to a more mature tone. It will be a long road to get there because we have adolescents running the presses but even they will be refreshed with new people who actually uphold the profession with integrity.

America needs to restore our integrity. Under this administration, we have repeatedly seen a devolution of our principled leadership in the world. Once upon a time we were the nation that the world looked to for the message, the tone of how an issue should be handled and you know what… the world was far more stable than it is today. Now that we have a president who chooses to lead from behind and to allow the political winds shift we are watching the world spiral out of control. Financially and socio-culturally, the world is in absolute disarray. Returning our integrity will help bring order back to the world but the message has to come from the top and it has to be disbursed by an equally steadfast media.

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