We Got Problems. ~ Picture by Jon McNaughton

This is directly from Jon McNaughton’s Facebook page. He is the artist behind the painting that this comes from, “One Nation Under God”

For those who are not familiar with Jon McNaughton, he is a very talented artist who has painted several pieces recently expressing his perspective of what is happening to America. He also paints some wonderful paintings of Christ and scenic views as well. This particular piece is just a part of a much larger painting called “One Nation Under God” and it has a very interesting visual to it. This is the larger piece…

Please, for this interested in seeing more of his amazing work, or if you are interested in owning some of his work, visit his website here, McNaughton Art. I encourage everyone to visit it and please scroll through his work. Also, when you get to the political paintings, you can find out the stories behind each one, watch interviews with Mr. McNaughton and even use an interactive feature for specific details in some of the paintings.

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