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OK, we don’t have enough stress with say…oh I don’t know, our country going-to-hell-in-a hand-basket…no, NOW we have to have blogosphere meltdowns and hissy-fits, men (presumably professionals) acting like a bunch of whiny-ass-girls…Grow-up wouldya?
I have been reading (with some dismay) on Big-something or other in Breibart’s corner of the blogosverse about a tiff that one of his writers seems to have with one of Becks snot-nose bloggers on The Blaze.
Now I guess its their “word-seconds” turn to duel it out and have a “big boy” pissing contest over opinions, content, honor and truthfulness…what the hell ever guys. Like we don’t have more important things to worry about then watching  you morons see who has the “biggest” whatever…”mental eye-roll.”
At the risk of pissing off just about everyone in the world (save the leftists and communists who are eating this bull-crapola” up)…

Question, has it been a slow couple…

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My hubster & I have been married for almost 35 yrs (seems like yesterday). We are empty-nesters with 2 handsome sons & 2 beautiful daughters-in-law. We also have a large adopted family that are very special to us! I am a not-so-perfect Christian-in-the-making, a wife, a mother, professional Chef, writer & paralegal. I went to college at 50 and graduated with my Bachelors degree 4 years later. We moved to S.C. 2010 and loved our time there and the Southern culture and our friends and family. We moved to the great Volunteer state of Tennessee in 2018 and love the mountains and all that this great state has to offer! I love chocolate, cheesecake and putting a smile on folks & family's faces by creating special meals and sweet treats for them. My passion is to find the best darn chocolate and eat it all! Life cannot & should not exist without great chocolate! Life is short eat dessert first! Till next time ya'll!
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