The Liberal Veiw: YOURMoney Belongs to US!

Takia nails it one more time! Read more there:
“September 2, 2011

by Takia Hollowell

originally posted at:

Why are Conservatives so evil for believing in private property (i.e. house, car, money, etc)? If a person is smart enough to earn his/her own money, aren’t they smart enough to know how to spend it as well?

If we could get people to stop throwing up ad hominem arguments such as greed, racism, for-the-rich and selfish every 5 seconds, then there would be hope of a fruitful dialogue. I am truly convinced that many liberals do not want an honest dialogue. Why? Because it would reveal an immoral goal of progressivism – to confiscate private earnings from individuals to that of a government monopoly.”

Takia correctly connects Marxism with Anti-God ideology, it is anathema for Christians to be involved in Communism as a political ideology.
“It is about the idea that progressives believe that private property belongs to the State (i.e. Federal Government). Someone reading this may draw the conclusion that I am exaggerating this idea of private property. Let me remind my progressive audience of the words of Karl Marx:

“The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” (Communist Manifesto, Chapter II ~1848)

How is this 1848 quote relevant for today? Karl Marx is long dead, but his ideology lives on. Our current President has admitted in his own book that he has surrounded himself with Marxists (See: Dreams from My Father, pgs. 99-100). Would this not have an influence on the legislation that liberals are currently pushing for? If you’re still in doubt of the Communistic influence then please explain why the Communist Party USA has endorsed President Obama for 2012?

Even the Brookings Institution exposed the principle of the modern left-wing tax policy as such:

“All revenue of individuals and corporations in the United States belongs to the government – whatever sums are left in private hands are a gift of the government.”(See: To Harass Our People, The IRS and the Abuse of Power, George Hansen, pg 169)

You might want to re-read that quote slowly and let it sink in.”

I agree with Takia to let that quote about the IRS to sink in…slowly…


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3 Responses to The Liberal Veiw: YOURMoney Belongs to US!

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  2. “I am truly convinced that many liberals do not want an honest dialogue.”

    Takia does indeed understand liberals.

  3. Bunkerville says:

    I am at a loss as to why people choose to remain in denial. We can only hope that they awaken from their slumber berfore it is too late.

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