Agenda 21, Susatainable Living and Mass Transit

Paula Helton

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Agenda 21, Sustainable Living

I found the following U.N. guidelines (shown in quotes) to implement Agenda 21/Sustainable Development on their United Nations Sustainable Human Settlement Development website. As the people of the Shire will note, we are referred to as “human settlements” and they have plans to manage us.

“Human settlement objective

A. Providing adequate shelter for all;
B. Improving human settlement management;
C. Promoting sustainable land use planning and management;
D. Promoting the integrated provision of environmental infrastructure: water, sanitation, drainage, hazardous and solid waste management;
E. Promoting sustainable energy and transport systems in human settlements;
F. Promoting human settlement planning and management in disaster-prone areas;
G. Promoting sustainable construction industry activities;
H. Promoting human resource development and capacity-building for human settlement development.

d) All countries should, as appropriate, facilitate access of urban and rural poor to shelter by adopting and utilizing housing and finance schemes and new innovative mechanisms adapted to their circumstances;

g) All countries, where appropriate, should develop and implement resettlement programmes which address the specific problems of displaced populations in their respective countries;

B. Improving human settlement management

a) Adopt and apply urban management guidelines in the areas of land management, urban environmental management, infrastructure management and municipal finance and administration”

New York City has been referred to as one of the “greenest” places on earth and used as a model for the rest of the U.S. Unfortunately being “green” means living atop each other in a mass of concrete. The Mayor has given himself the power to regulate every aspect of the lives of the residents of New York City. While this may be perfectly fine for the people of New York, it is not necessarily the way we Hobbits of the Shire wish to live.

Equate the following quote from the website to Obama’s Executive Order 13575 creating the White House Rural Council. Hobbits, you’re time in the Shire is limited unless Congress acts to stop this in it’s tracks. I’m not holding my breath on that happening.

“As appropriate, they should also concentrate on activities aimed at facilitating the transition from rural to urban lifestyles and settlement patterns “

Nikki Raapana has a great site and new book with a co-writer that explains this progrom from the U.N. with the blessing of the current administration and some past administrations like the Clinton whitehouse along with Global “visionaries” like Maurice Strong and George Soros. Look up the term “communitarianism”there currently exists at George Washington University in Washington DC a whole department of Communitarian Studies.

From Niki Raapana

About Sustainable Communities

There are many definitions and there are many different ways for communities to attain a more sustainable future. The sustainability of a community depends on creating and maintaining its economic and environmental health, promoting social equity, and fostering broad-based citizen participation in planning and implementation. Communities that engage citizens and institutions to develop sustainability principles and a collective vision for the future and that apply an integrative approach to environmental, economic, and social goals are generally likely to be more successful.

Job creation, energy use, housing, transportation, education and health are considered complementary parts of the whole. Since all issues are interconnected they must be addressed as a system. The process includes:
broad and diverse involvement of citizens

the creation of a collective vision for the future

the development of principles of sustainability

an inventory of existing assets and resources and additional assets that would benefit the community

clear, measurable goals

the development of community indicators to evaluate progress

open and transparent communication

early, visible results

celebration of success

Sustainability is a process of continuous improvement so communities constantly evolve and make changes to accomplish their goals. The initiatives and resources on this website have been selected to help you learn about ways to make your community healthier, safer, greener, more livable, and more prosperous.

To share information about initiatives in your community please email the name of the initiative, program, or organization with a link to its website to:

Here are some links for you to look at: excellent back ground on UN Agenda 21.


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3 Responses to Agenda 21, Susatainable Living and Mass Transit

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Lets hope more folks catch on to what is going down. Nice list.

  2. An important post. I have it bookmarked for future reference. Thanks so much for the link.

  3. Doesn’t “human settlement” just hit you right in the gut. It takes my breath away, and we can’t get a politician to talk about it. Obama tried to ties us to part of this when he was in the Senate through his s. 2433. That legislation is now dead. Excellent post. I’ve added you to mine.

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