The Wit Of Fred Thompson

A Chicago Burger King was closed down after health inspectors reported finding so many flying insects they were “afraid to open their mouths.”

Wish there were more people from Chicago who knew when to keep their mouths shut.


For the first time, more of America’s corn crop will be used for ethanol production than for feeding livestock.

So you’ll be able to afford to drive to the store, but you won’t be able to afford meat once you get there.


During an interview on CBS, President Obama said, “I don’t think we’re in danger of another recession.”

Guess he’s satisfied just keeping the old one.


During a stop in Illinois, President Obama blamed the use of the internet for high unemployment.

Well, whoever’s behind definitely had something to do with it.


During a stop at Wyffels Hybrids Inc. seed company, President Obama mistakenly referred to his host as “waffles”.

Good thing he didn’t visit a Fuddruckers.


Chinese and American basketball players started an on-court brawl during a trip that was supposed to promote “goodwill” while Joe Biden was visiting the country.

No need to elaborate, is there?

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