Video: Iowa Passion ~ from Sarah Palin

Here’s another AWESOME video from Sarah Palin… I am thinking that she is gearing up for a run and I hope she does! What do you guys think?

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3 Responses to Video: Iowa Passion ~ from Sarah Palin

  1. crisap444 says:

    Please explain something to me. Sarah Palin has supported worthless pork spending with the bridge to nowhere. She raised taxes on oil companies “windfall profits” in Alaska. She supported liberal John McCain for his Senate reelection. She abandoned her post as Governor of Alaska to avoid an ethics investigation and to make money for herself. She says some wonderfully conservative things, but her actions are those of a liberal. Why should any Republican back her when her actions bespeak someone who will give the Democrats everything they want if she is promised more power and money?

    • Well,crisat444…good questions and I think one you could ask of just about every candidate out there…not giving her a pass, however…as A Christian, I have found that the majority of us can’t agree on what is contained in the Bible. There is WIDE chasm of understanding and agreement amongst the “very elect”…you expect me to reach into the mind of a politician and posit why they do what they do? I can’t do that with any confidence…I know from personal experience that I have not always stuck to the Conservative banner, there are somethings we do for expedience purposes, some things we do our of conviction, some things we do out of just being too damn tired of fighting and some things we do to ” make a deal” are we correct or justified 100% of the time, nope…do I agree with Palin 100% of the time nope…but right now imperfect people are what we have to choose from…we look at the pros and cons (fortunately none of our candidates are cons :))of each candidate and make our best informed choice based on our personal convictions, opinions and understanding of the issues…TPC

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