In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West on President Obama

The following comes from Allen West’s Facebook page and I think that he succinctly speaks to the heart of most Americas with regards to the crap that has come from the Obama administration…


“It seems President Obama believes that those, such as myself, who do not agree with his liberal progressive socialist bureaucratic nanny-state agenda do not put “Country first”. I am more than willing to put the record of four generations of West Men against his service to our Nation from World War II to Afghanistan.
I recommend the President take his excuse driven, whining, blame game back to Chicago.
Then we can have principled American leadership return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and restore our Constitutional Republic.
While our President was cavorting with some very questionable persons, who did not put “Country first”; Men and Women like me were standing on freedoms ramparts on guard for America.”


Well said, Congressman West! The only thing that I might add to what you have said to the President is “NUTS!”. I’m pretty sure he could have been CC’ed on that reply. I’m just sayin’…

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4 Responses to In His Own Words: Congressman Allen West on President Obama

  1. bunkerville says:

    I hope we get him on the ticket at Vice President. One of the best speakers out there.

  2. UsneakydevilU says:

    West is the “Real deal”. I’ve sent his office statements, thanking him for saying things just like this in the past. He would definitely support a candidacy. As an outspoken Christian-Conservative African American, I hold West in high regards, his common sense just makes sense.

    • I totally agree Sneaky. As you may have noticed, I have an entire Category dedicated to Allen West. He is my go to guy and I stand behind him completely right now. I hope he makes a move to the Senate before going on to VP for 8 years and President for another 8 years. He is a fantastic leader with powerful ideas and unwavering principles. Those are qualities that are sorely lacking in today’s politicians.

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