In His Own Words: Congressman West’s Weekly Wrap-Up

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, it is time for our weekly recap.  This week, I have a lot to share with you from our District as I have been busy visiting many of our local small businesses and community leaders.

I must begin by clearly stating my greatest concern for America; the absence of leadership. At a time when our country is facing so many monumental issues, America does not have a Captain at the helm of our “Ship of State.” It is unconscionable for me to accept that we, the legislative branch, sit back in our districts or elsewhere, not tending to the critical business of our nation.

If we stay on our present schedule, one which I challenged back in December 2010 as being ineffective, the singular constitutional duty of our legislative branch will not be completed; a Fiscal Year 2012 budget.

The House has indeed passed a budget and sent it over to the Senate, which has failed to produce a budget in some 830 days, thanks to Senator Harry Reid’s stellar “perceived” leadership. As well, there are 12 appropriations bills, which must be passed through the House and Senate, with conference between the two for resolution, before September 30, 2011. The House has passed only 6 of these appropriations bills over to the Senate, and they have taken up only one.

I for one shall be the first to apologize to the American people when you hear the same ole’ words, “continuing resolution or omnibus.” There is no way that by returning to Capitol Hill  on September 7th we shall be able to complete the fiscal business of America.

Also, I see no need to sit back and not tackle cutting spending in Washington and look for the failed, duplicative, and redundant programs. Our respective oversight committees should do the detailed and meticulous work of looking for these programs.  The GAO report from earlier this year already gave us a good start, addressing  $200-$300 billion of redundant programs. We should be following that report, getting its recommendations into legislation and passed.

Just sitting back and turning our responsibility over to the newly appointed Joint Committee of Congress is not the desired path. That committee was indeed the worse part of the debt agreement. Now we have to get it going,  but we still can’t just sit back idly.

In the month of July, the Obama administration pushed out some 600 new regulations. This means increased revenue loss for our private sector for compliance and estimates are up to $10 billion. We should be in session to research these regulations and roll them back. We are witnessing “behavior modification by taxation and regulation,” especially since such job-crippling actions would not pass through the legislative process.

We have a United States Postal Office saying it is going bankrupt, but I believe 2006 legislation which front-loaded retirement has led to this critical mass event.

As stated before, this is DEFCON 1, and all leaves and passes must be cancelled. We must return to Washington and start session immediately. Anything less is a failure in leadership, and I shall certainly be expressing my opinions to those who have titles, but possibly not the essential ingredients to lead.

Have you all noticed when liberals are not in control they use one word, “compromise?” However, when liberals are in control you get steamrolled. The hypocrisy is simply laughable. I do not recall any “compromise” on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or the stimulus. Both of these programs are indicative of the failed liberal progressive, socialist, legislative agenda, and have cost us nearly $3 trillion.

I am not compromising with policies and principles that have always failed and are currently failing.

The incessant liberal “blame game,” especially the truly lame “tea part downgrade” is more reflective of petulant children than of adults seeking to govern.

Hat tip to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta for again reinforcing what any common sense person knows:  a government mandate forcing an American citizen to purchase a private sector commodity is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Steadfast and Loyal, 


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