Questioning…’s Thoughts On Our Future And The 2012 Election

I am choosing to not “publicly” endorse anyone yet for several reasons. I gave my early hopes for who would show up in the primaries and several of those didn’t show up. That was no surprise to me though. The election is still 15 months away and a lot can happen between now and then. It would be unfair to throw support out there publicly and let it sway the opinions of people who have as yet to decide what they feel the country needs.

I think everyone has to be comfortable with who they choose and for what reasons they feel the way they do. It is hard to get behind someone fully and with the country the way that it is now, it is even harder to find what you believe to be the right direction. But the truth is that you must believe in who you will vote for. After 2008 and where we have come to, this election could possibly be the most important election ever in the history of America.

If we use 2008 as an example of impulsive voting, then we need to not do the same thing again. We shouldn’t vote as a knee-jerk reaction but instead really know what we are getting ourselves into when we select a candidate or hopefully our new President. There are many issues on the table… economy, global security, foreign diplomacy, debt reduction, social issues, domestic security issues, and the list goes on. Many of these issues were there prior to the ’08 election and are carry-overs from the previous years. They have sat unaddressed for 2 and a half years with no intent to address them in the foreseeable future either. This cannot happen any longer. Our nation hangs in the balance while our leadership plays political connect four with it’s future.

One thing is certain, we need someone who gives clear and consistent messages on principles, ethics, and direction. Whomever we choose, it must be because they will not wait to see which way the political winds blow but rather act decisively and convincingly. America has been the leader in the world’s eye for as long as it has been established as an exceptional nation. When there is unrest, the world looks to us for a sense of direction. That doesn’t mean we call on our military might to respond, rather we call upon our principles first.

Over the last 2 and a half years we have seen a complete lack of principled leadership. When the political winds started swirling in the Middle East like an all-encompassing sandstorm, our President sat back and waited to see what the rest of the world wanted to do. Meanwhile the world was looking at him to give a sense of what America felt was best. It was like a man was staring blankly into a crowd waiting for them to speak yet he was holding the microphone. It wasn’t a press conference. It was the world giving him the bully pulpit and he turned out to be a bi-polar parrot. He had a similar opportunity with Libya and he yet again saw his shadow and retreated for the safety of the golf course.

When it comes to our current social unrest in America, this is the one area where the President stands at the ready to get on the bully pulpit. He has used double-entendres as well as blatant directives to generate a sense of inequality in Americans. He drives a train of class-warfare that would make Marx proud. He alienates like he was a ghost writer for Saul Alinsky. And he is a platinum club Race Card holder with the likes of Sharpton, Rev. Wright, and Cornel West. Let’s not overlook the fact that he can sing the morning call to prayer in perfect muslim harmony while he can barely remember that Easter even exists. If the man could generate any more conspiracy theories about himself, he would put Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura out of work.

He is as transparent as is his birth certificate issue. I stand on one single principle regarding the birth certificate matter. I have less concern over whether the recent one was or was not valid as I do over whether we can accurately and clearly provide a definition for “natural born citizen”. Once we resolve what the Framers and the Founders intended(Vattel’s Law comes in here), then we will never have to debate Obama’s legitimacy again. The answer is found in that discussion alone. We will never experience this kind of political theater designed to draw our attention away from our country’s ills again in the future. Shakespeare can rest peacefully again knowing that he will still be the best playwright in history.

Our economy is tanking but what drives the greed that has set this downward spiral into motion? Our moral fiber was flushed and the cronyism of banking and industry has mixed with government in the refill tank. Now we’re seeing what that looks like and it isn’t cream that has floated to the surface. Much of this was set in motion years ago, even decades ago, but it is being put into action today. Our economic instability has been fueled by greed and we have been warned about greed before. It is in the Bible and it was laid out by our Founders, yet here we sit on the precipice of economic free fall. Our Founders were brilliant men who were guided by a Divine Providence and a moral calling. If you even begin to expound upon those concepts with the Democrats today, you will quickly experience why we are where we are today. They reject those ideas with a fervor that will stand you straight from their fiery rebuttal if not completely set you ablaze inside.

Their brand of religion is one that makes excuses for personal shortcomings while demanding everyone get “fair treatment” regardless of effort. That mentality is what keeps the entitlement brigade on the ready for any attempts at fiscal sanity. If no one works for it but they still get it… what are they getting and who is producing it? Only the government can answer that under their ideological politicking. The left speaks of sustainability on virtually everything: sustainable energy, sustainable growth, sustainable resources, sustainable healthcare, etc. But what is not sustainable is a country that is pushed to take from the producers to give to the moochers. I don’t believe that the leadership of the left is ignorant to that fact either. They know that and are still pushing their brand of government involvement. It is the car in the ditch now being pushed to the cliff and there is a man in the driver’s seat.

Our country has been long-considered a melting pot. The truth is, the idea of America being a melting pot only goes back to her explosion of immigration in the early part of the last century. When people in oppressed countries were looking for promise and opportunity, they came to America. They did so with the intent of starting anew but being a contribution not a reduction. These folks boarded vessels and crossed the sea unsure of what they would have when they got here but they knew one thing for certain, they were willing to work for it. Today, we are facing another influx of immigration. This time it is as easy as skipping across some stones in a river bed and blending in without ever making an effort to gain citizenship.

The immigration policy is weak-kneed to begin with but when even the most basic laws on the books or in the Constitution aren’t even enforced, then it’s as if someone came along and whacked those weak knees out from under America. Americans aren’t left screaming, “Why me?” as the left wants to portray us. We want a consistent and fair policy enforced evenly. We want immigrants to come here fairly and with a dedication to being a contribution. We know that as these folks getting here so easily join the workforce, they are are taking jobs and sending their paychecks out of our country. Most are not contributing to our governments revenues through payroll taxation but still living off of the liabilities set forth through the entitlements. Now we have a Democratic leadership that is giving them guaranteed healthcare, guaranteed college education loans, guaranteed rights, and guaranteed futures regardless of their devotion to America’s stability.

So here we stand. We have 15 months to weigh our futures and decide what course America must take. We must find the person that we think can provide a remedy to all of these woes. We need someone who will step in and bring this freight train to a stop. Anyone who understands physics knows that freight train cannot be stopped overnight. We need someone who can get in there and apply the brakes as hard as possible while keeping it from going off the rails entirely. We need someone who will leave a legacy of renewal and preservation. This is not going to be the work of a single President… we will need several Presidents in succession to slow this before finally bringing the train to a halt. It will only be then that we can actually see a restoration of America’s exceptionalism.

This battle has been fought before. It can even be considered of Biblical proportions to many. For those who prefer to view it simply in American history, we won our country from the grips of England and now we will win our country from the grips of socialism. We will win this but the road ahead is ugly. The battles will be fierce as our enemy is deeply entrenched. The damage will be protracted and on many fronts. It will be a war of attrition and of devotion. We need our generals to be wise, devoted, and fearless. Our first chosen leader must have eyes on the Constitution and a heart for God. The person who charts our course must be clear in where they come from… no one with any unresolved questions about where they were 15 years ago can lead us.

I have searched and waited and listened objectively as person after person has been paraded out for us to select from. I see qualities in them that are worthy as leaders but then again, Benedict Arnold was a general in the Continental Army and we know where he went. I will pass on those who dress the part but have not been dedicated to the part. The days of political expediency have passed and we can no longer grasp at those who make grand gestures of hollow worthiness. Leadership is not following the winds, leadership stands in spite of the wind.

I see my choice. I pray they see their role.

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2 Responses to Questioning…’s Thoughts On Our Future And The 2012 Election

  1. Janet McCarthy says:

    A very common sense approach. I am going to print this out so I can read it again on my drive to Maine. I am so looking forward to vacation. Talk to you again soon. I think you can be a major player in this fight (not really the right word) but you know what I mean…

    • Thank you Janet, I am grateful. With any luck, I may reach one or two people whom may want to question why they think or feel the way they do. I hope that people will hear the calling to stand for America and not on her. Our country is too valuable to just let slip away in the night.

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