From the McKinney Diaries…More precious MCKinney Moments

Here at QwB we “love” Cynthia McKinney ex-United States Representative (D-Ga.) current crack-pot “fete e” of the terrorist regimes in the Middle Waste…er…East… Well “love” may be a misnomer, we “love” to tell our readers about her anti-American rhetoric that she spreads around liberally to places like Libya, Iran and seemingly any other enemy of the United States who will pay her way…(question by Maggie @ Maggies Notebook, “who IS paying for her many trips and stays around the known terrorists regimes in the world). Maybe we should start playing “Where in the Terrorist World is Cynthia McKinney?”

We last saw her dressed up in her Princess Leia (African princess wannabe) outfit in Libya sitting on her imaginary throne (did you see that chair?); presumably off camera her “hand-boys” were fanning her with huge feathers & keeping the grapes cold for the litter ride back to her paid in full by_(?)_hotel room. Or maybe she had a private room at the royal palace?  Enquiringly minds want to know Cynthia dahling…so without further ado…

More from the Cynthia McKinney Diaries:

Watch the latest video at <a href=”More from the Cynthia McKinney Diaries: Watch the latest video at Cynthia McKinney Jesse Watters (video)”><a href=””></a>
Cynthia McKinney Jesse Watters (video)

O’Reilly & company decide that McKinney isn’t a “traitor just tasteless”…I don’t know Bill was the outfit your first clue she was “tasteless” or was it that fact she tromps around being feted by our enemies spouting anti-American rhetoric…

Cynthia on a “fact-finding non-governmental mission in Libya” in a interview with RT news (RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news) “giving the truth as I see it” Cynthia seems to be an anti-NATO advocate as well she calls them “murderous”

She says that the OIL strategy is being used in Libya-Oil, Israel & Logistics-“by Neo-cons for their purposes for Israel, [she claims]to establish a presence of Israel in Libya…Huh, & it sounds like she is calling Obama a murderer through NATO. Do you get the impression she’s channeling Calypso Louie Farrakhan here?

Let me finish off this edition of the QwB McKinney Diaries with a excerpt and links from a great piece on Maggies Notebook blog this morning:

Reposted From Maggies Notebook found here:

U.S. Policy is Rooted in Lies, Injustice, and War

by Cynthia McKinney

The following remarks were delivered to the International Conference on Global Alliance Against Terrorism for a Just Peace in Tehran, Iran, on May 1,2011.

The country is coming apart at he seams even as it terrorizes the world and applies the death penalty to whole countries.”

How wonderful to be at a Conference where the word “love” is used; we are here because we love humankind. We are here from all corners of the earth; we are against terrorism; we want peace.

However, we must clarify peace. What kind of peace do we want?

President John F. Kennedy answered his question by saying: “. . . not a Pax Americana” imposed on the world by weapons of war. He went on to say that the kind of peace we want is the kind of peace that makes life worth living–peace for all men and women for all time.

No Justice, No Peace. No Truth, No Justice!

But, today, U.S. policy is rooted in lies, injustice, and war. And at home, the people of the U.S. suffer.  Racism is acute, despite and maybe because of President Obama; hatred is rampant with hatred of Muslims, incarceration of Palestinians, targeting of immigrants, the lynchings of Blacks, disappearances of Latinos, and the pauperization of the people. People inside the U.S. are under attack in the realm of policy:

* poor education opportunities–some communities experience 50% high school dropout rates;

* poor health care–Americans pay the most and get less; according to the Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, the US is 50th in the world in life expectancy and if that is not bad enough, it picks on countries like Iraq (ranked 145th in the world), Pakistan (166th), Gaza (111th), Libya (58th), and Cuba (57th). In infant mortality, the US is worse than the European Union and Israel.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also said that the U.S. was the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet and sadly, that is still true.”

The U.S. used to be a wealthy country with much to give to the world, but now the country is being plundered and the economic policies now promote the oligarchization of our country.

The country is coming apart at he seams even as it terrorizes the world and applies the death penalty to whole countries. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that we are a country of guided missiles and misguided men. Today, that is still true. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also said that the U.S. was the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet and sadly, that is still true, too.

But, there is some good news, too. And that is, despite the tightly controlled U.S. media, despite the deceptive political structure that is not now–if it ever was–democratic, the core American people who are the true peace people, are beginning to see the truth. We cannot bring our country to peace and respect for human dignity without the solid foundation of the truth.  Those in the service of hatred, war, Zionism are being seen for what they are.

So now, our challenge is what to do with this awakening. The answer, I believe, is whose revolution gets funded. I personally know the importance of this.  During the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S., Black people were able to erase bad laws and write better ones. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they had enough. And what they lacked in finance, they made up for in unity and strategy. Therefore, it is at this moment, when things appear so bleak that we must redouble our efforts and not give up. We must believe that we can remake the world in a more peaceful reality.

Finally, I am saddened as an American at what my country is doing to the world. I am saddened that our first African-American President presents a false perception of the Black political consensus in the U.S. when he participate in war crimes and global death and destruction.

These wars constitute a crime against humanity, crimes against the peace, and crimes against our planet. I believe the people are ready, but now we have to organize ourselves in Revolutionary Love, as Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary.”

Thank you all for caring about justice, peace, and human dignity.

Transcript courtesy of Black Agenda Report

Thanks to David Lemon for the tip – Lemon is a Master Sculpture and today he started the figure of a warrior. Watch a Master at work.

Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

Other places to find more written on the exploits of  McKinney can be found here:

The Deranged World of Cynthia McKinney By Rich Trzupek

By on May 26th, 2011

Breitbart video found at:




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