Days Of Rage: Coming to Wall St. This September

I have neglected Questioning With Boldness… lately and I regret that. I have been engrossed in the events unfolding in our country and outside of it as well. Between the riots in the UK and finding out who’s behind them or the helicopter shot down, there have been so MANY articles that I could have written. Here at home, I was too engaged in the debt debate and ultimately the debacle that someone tried to pass off as ‘compromise’ which happened with “no thanks due” to those radical, angry, economy hostage taking hobbits we call the Tea Party… Or as I call them, Americans and Patriots.

I finally came to a story that had to be written… It’s about the riots in London and how they connect to the future of America. Well, we now know that many of the rioters are striking out at to “show the rich that we can do what want.” Does anyone really need me to inform you of who those rioters are? Do you still think that this stuff won’t happen here? Think again:

Coming to Wall Street this September… A website has been set up for a U.S. Day of Rage. With links connecting them to the European Revolution website, let the dots start falling into place. On the website for the European Revolution, they define their Mission as:

“We are an informative platform in English that aims to support the ongoing pro-democracy protests throughout Europe. We believe in alternative and independent media, net neutrality, real participatory democracy, active citizenship and the common ideals put forth by the first protests in Spain. We understand this revolution is made up of global citizens facing global issues, therefore, one of our goals is to create a net of volunteers and activists from around Europe to fight for our common goal.”

As if you needed more help to read through the lines, their most recent article is the following, “Give Our Kids a Future! North London March Sat 13th #UKRiots #riotcleanup #futureforkids” and features the accompanying photo:

Still missing out on the connection? There’s that darned fist that turns up in the oddest places! Where have we seen a fist before? Was It Madison, WI? Was it Egypt? Was it China? Was it Cuba? Was it North Korea? Was it every single socialist haven of civil unrest? Yes to all of those, just observe the slideshow at the bottom of this article HERE. Let’s examine the last two paragraphs for this article(emphasis mine):

“We need to build on these and other inspiring local and national struggles. Let’s work together for a decent society, based not on greed, inequality and poor conditions, but on justice, freedom, sharing and co-operation.

North London Unity Demonstration supported by the Haringey Alliance for Public Services, Hackney Alliance for Defending Public Serices, Day-Mer (Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre), NLCH (North London Community Centre), Day-Mer Youth, Alevi Cultural Centre, Fed-Bir, Kurdish Community Centre: Roj Women, Halkevi, Gik-Der (Refugee Workers Cultural Association). Britania Peace Council: Hundred Flowers Cultural Centre. TOHUM. Socialist Party, Youth Fight For Jobs, Right To Work, Red Pepper.”

Plenty of the usual affiliations expressing the same character defects. Always spouting off about revolution and incendiary stating things like “The riots spreading through London are a terrifying reminder of what lies ahead as the austerity-obsessed West nosedives into economic collapse.”

But these planned riots and days of rage aren’t just limited to London. In fact, apparently tomorrow(August 13) there is one planned for Israel with possibly 30,000 committed members of the “Revolutionary Youth Coalition” of Israel. For those that speak and read Hebrew, HERE is a link to their Facebook page. Italy is also expected to have a planned day of rage on October 15th which will include a march on the Italian Parliament. Lovely.

Now for those who have been paying attention, the name “Revolutionary Youth Coalition” should sound oddly familiar. That is one of the groups involved in the uprising in Egypt that managed the overthrow of Mubarak and which has all but assured the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt. Bunkerville did an excellent exposé on the people behind the uprisings and specifically how it was tied directly to our State Department. In their report, the group identified as April 6 was created from an organized “summit” in Mexico City titled “Alliance of Youth Movements Summit”. This summit was even detailed on our own State Department website HERE.

However, the historic relevance of the “Revolutionary Youth Movement” doesn’t end in 2009 with our State Department and Hillary Clinton… it goes all the way back to the 1960s in America. From Wikipedia:

“The Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) was the section of Students for a Democratic Society that opposed the Worker Student Alliance of the Progressive Labor Party. Most of the national leadership of SDS joined the RYM in order to oppose PLP’s party line and what they alleged to be its attempted takeover of the SDS leadership structure, particularly at the 1969 SDS convention in Chicago.

The theoretical basis of the Revolutionary Youth Movement was an understanding that most of the American population, including both students and the so-called “middle class,” comprised, due to their relationship to the instruments of production, the working class; thus the organizational basis of the SDS, which had begun in the elite colleges and had been extended to public institutions as the organization grew, could be extended to youth as a whole, including students, those serving in the military, and the unemployed. Students could be viewed as workers gaining skills prior to employment. This contrasted to the Progressive Labor view which viewed students and workers as being in separate categories which could ally, but not should not jointly organize.”

Now that I am getting your attention and your interest up, let’s learn more about the Revolutionary Youth Movement. In 1969, and in large part due to differences in opinion on the revolutionary direction of the SDS, a segment of the Revolutionary Youth Movement broke off. This group became known as Weatherman and was headed up by of the SDS leadership including William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, David Gilbert and Mark Rudd. The Weathermen conveniently also instigated the very first “Days Of Rage” in America on October 8, 1969 and was held in Chicago. Where did Obama launch his political career from again? Oh yeah, Bill Ayers’ living room in Chicago.

The Weathermen or Weather Underground are recognized as being a group of revolutionary Communists with destructive intentions:

“In 1970 the group issued a “Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government, under the name “Weather Underground Organization” (WUO). The bombing attacks mostly targeted government buildings, along with several banks. Most were preceded by evacuation warnings, along with communiqués identifying the particular matter that the attack was intended to protest.”

Among the places bombed was the U.S. Capitol in 1971, The Pentagon in 1972, and the State Department Building in 1975. If I may digress for a moment, I’d say that they’ve bombed them again with Obama, Hillary Clinton, a heaping handful of Progressive Democrats in Congress, and Leon Panetta.

But now to close the circle: We’re seeing these riots in London all over the news and I have tied them to the rest of Europe going back to Egypt, the State Department, and all the way back to the 60’s Weathermen… but where is the tie-in to America? Let’s go back to the U.S. Day of Rage planned on September 17th. The basis for this planned protest is as stated by them HERE“It is a living documentation of grievances against the ills and abuses of the United States government.”

How far off is that from “All over the world, people fighting Amerikan imperialism look to Amerika’s youth to use our strategic position behind enemy lines to join in the destruction of the empire.” That quote comes from “Weather Underground Declaration of a State of War” authored in 1970 by Bernardine Dohrn. If you would like to read the entire Declaration of a State of War, you can see it HERE on Wikisource.

As the protests that are a living documentation of grievances against the U.S government come to Wall Street on September 17th, remember just where they all came from and who is really behind them.

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*** I did some checking on that “Build Community” logo and found this. Notice the connection to our favorite libtard site, the DAILY KOS. It comes from some shirts that they are peddling. Isn’t this cozy…

There is an excellent follow-up to this piece over at Bunkerville. They took this article and connected these dots with others, completely closing the circle. Bunkerville does great research and I encourage you to continue on to the follow-up piece titled “United States own ‘Arab Spring’ coming our way

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12 Responses to Days Of Rage: Coming to Wall St. This September

  1. This great work Eric…way to go!

  2. bunkerville says:

    Thanks for the link. A great update to the intentional effort to destabilize the world by no other than Hillary and company. Google is up to their eyeballs as well. You might want ot take a look at Gibbs, who just joined facebook:

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  4. bunkerville says:

    I linked to your post, and highlighted some of your great finds.

  5. Fantastic job of connecting the dots! You and Bunkeville have done a great service to the rest of us. I hope people are paying attention.

    • Thank you Jim! I drew some dots but Bunkerville successfully has connected them in my opinion. I don’t know if people are paying attention yet but they shouldn’t be blindsided because we’re all doing our part to ring that bell, even those of us that are a couple thousand miles away like you are. Keep up the good stuff, Jim… even when I’m not writing I am reading. I read your posts via my email subscription every morning when I wake up.

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  7. roxannadanna says:

    absolutely a terrific blog and a must read by everyone! Well researched, too.

    • Thank you so much roxanna. It did take a bit of time to research some of it but in large part it wrote itself thanks to the work of Bunkerville. We are learning as we go…. I just keep hoping that we reach the ears that are listening.

  8. All those leftist groups “inbreed” between themselves worse than the royal families of old, don’t they?

    Thanks for the research on their connections.

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