Video: Regretful Obama Voter

Great video about a regretful Obama voter. Maybe if more people on the left were HONEST with themselves, they would see things more clearly. Watch below.

Chef: I would just like to add that the person on this video is courageous a we appreciate her and those like her MORE than we can express. As she pointed out there are more like her out there. Let me quote from another article by a friend named Robin from Berkeley in an article she wrote on this same subject that can be found here:​/2011/08/the_sleeping_giant_aw​akens.html

“As for Gail, like my former self, she’s a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party.  This isn’t surprising given that she’s a born-and-raised East Coast Jew.  But, unlike the former me, Gail is a liberal, not a self-proclaimed progressive/leftist.

While many conservatives merge liberalism and leftism, there are huge differences between the two camps.  Liberals, like Gail, want a kinder and gentler America.  They choose safe, suburban suburbs, with schools that (as of yet) do not radicalize their children.”

Robin you see was also a “liberal” and with her usual succinctness she tells us that “liberals” like her friend are just looking for a better life, much like the “Regretful Obama Voter” in the video below describes. They beleive that liberalism encompasses “freedom of thought and expression” among other things. And liberalism MAY have at one time indeed embodied that, but no longer. One needs only read the violent rhetoric out of “liberal” websites to understand that the liberal of old have been usurped by the likes of Van Jones and Valerie Jarret and their communist ilk.

Robin goes on:

While it’s the rare liberal who would display a flag on July 4, he still cares about this country, supports Israel, and is wary of radical Islam.

The progressive/leftists are an entirely different species entirely; they do not love this country or Israel.  In fact, the far left would like nothing better than to knock the US and Israel down from their high horses.

Leftists sympathize with the “victims” of the United States, not those Americans who are brutalized by thugs or terrorists.  The left practices third-worldism,  the belief that the paths of Chavez and Lenin are vastly superior to our own Founding Fathers.  Having become smitten by the renegade image of Che Guevara, they fashion themselves as post-modern revolutionaries, who set out, with a missionary zeal, to change the world.

Consequently, leftists turn a blind eye to the savagery of the third world, e.g. the burqua or beheadings.  Progressives justify the brutality of gang violence and perhaps engage in mob behavior themselves.  While they label conservatives as reactionary, leftists are, in truth, the true reactionaries, reacting against Mommy, Daddy, God, and country.

That is what the communists have done to the label of “liberal” they have managed to destroy it. And for ANYONE who still believes that Barack Obama is NOT a communist has their head buried in the sand. He said himself to “judge me by the company I keep”, we need not look very far to see those people and what they stand for. Do a cursory search on some of his close associates and you will find disturbing connections to communism and accused domestic terrorist The Weather Underground(Bill Ayers).
Don’t misunderstand me. Everyone has a right to hold whatever political and worldview they want, but not every world view and ideology is fit for the White House. We are a democratic Republic with a Constitution that declares all men free. It is also a document that all our public servants take and oath to uphold and protect. One cannot uphold and protect a document and first principals you hold in contempt…that is where we find ourselves now with socialist and communists holding public office. They have already violated their oath BEFORE they even say it…please watch the following video and then go to her youtube page and friend this brave and courageous American!

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