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HURT: Fallen Off Olympus, Obama stammers

Reposted from: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/9/fallen-off-olympus-obama-stammers/?page=all#pagebreak In poetic words for the ears of Conservative readers Mr. Charles Hurt used phrases like: “skinny head swiveling back and forth like a skeleton on a pivot” “Gaunt and gray, he looks like he needs a cigarette.” … Continue reading


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Video: Always Proud by Sarah Palin

Run Sarah, run! Please, our country needs you.

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Video: Failure Of Leadership

This video comes from Ben Howe. He does great work and you can find two of my favorites from him under the “My Favorites” tab. Check out The Socialist and The Last Best Hope videos. Great work comes from Ben … Continue reading

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Recent email from the DLCC: Democrats acting like they won in Wisconsin. Read at your own peril.

Awhile ago, I posted a piece that came in my email inbox. If you recall, somehow I wound up on an email list for the DLCC which stands for Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee… which also stands for socialism, progressives, and communism. … Continue reading

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Useless Quote Of The Day: Rev. Al Sharpton

“But resist, we much. We must and we will much… … …about… … …that… …be committed.” ~ Al Sharpton

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The More That You Know…

“On August 12, 1937 FDR nominated Hugo Black, a former KKK member, to the Supreme Court. After Black’s appointment, constitutional limits on the power of Congress to regulate the economy were no longer enforced. The original intent of the founders … Continue reading

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Video: Regretful Obama Voter

Great video about a regretful Obama voter. Maybe if more people on the left were HONEST with themselves, they would see things more clearly. Watch below. Chef: I would just like to add that the person on this video is … Continue reading

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