Video: The White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website

Perhaps this is Granny Jan’s finest work to date! This one is a departure from her usual satire and hits a very sensitive subjest. The White House is apparenyl scrubbing references to Jerusalem and Israel from their website. This story was picked up by The Blaze, The Right Scoop, and The Weekly Standard. I am posting the video here because I am a big fan of Granny Jan’s work but please head over to any one of the linked sites for the story.
Here is the video:

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5 Responses to Video: The White House Cleanses Israel from Its Website

  1. Granny Jan says:

    Thank you!!! That’s so kind.

    I want to add something I didn’t say on in the video. I just wrote it on The White House Dossier.

    I didn’t touch on the Big Brother aspect in the video but it’s mindboggling that someone sits and watches us and that it took a mere two hours to scrub Israel. One hack had to call another hack etc, etc. Usually something like this would days. That says a lot to me.

    Don’t bother trying to get this video off of You Tube, White House. It’s all over the web and won’t be gone soon… unlike you.

  2. Wow. Just wow. How extreme, not merely sending a bust of Churchill back to the UK but removing data – references to the city Jerusalem and Jewish State Israel.

    How “special” our POTUS is. Despicable..

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