Questioning…’s thoughts on, and prayer in light of, the news surrounding Navy SEAL Team 6’s loss….

I want to express my absolute heartbreak for and offer my prayers to the family members of the Navy SEALs in Dev-Gru/SEAL Team 6 that were killed in Afghanistan. No single life is worth more than the rest but these men served with immense valor and unparalleled honor. All I can offer is an equal amount of appreciation and respect for their service. You’re my vision of how a hero is defined. As peace replaces your fight, your memory will forever live on in my heart.

I pray for you to find the peace in Heaven that you fought so hard for here on earth. I ask the Lord to surround your families with comfort and support in your absence. I ask that He provide them the same level of protection that you would if you were still here for them. I pray that your children grow up to know just what a sacrifice you made for your country and that they live their lives with the same level of honor that you have. I pray that your loved ones face no fear nor any pain in the years after your passing. Most importantly, I pray for you to all be reunited at a time of His choosing so that you may finally share the love that I’m sure you want them to remember you for.

I want to be certain to include in these thoughts and prayers the families of the other personnel that were lost on-board the helicopter that went down, including a memory of the canine who was lost. These people have all served their country and for that, they are ALL heros and deserve to be remembered with honor.

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6 Responses to Questioning…’s thoughts on, and prayer in light of, the news surrounding Navy SEAL Team 6’s loss….

  1. Thank you for that Eric!

  2. Jannai Pero says:

    Our Navy SEAL son lost his best friend with those shot down – he said they are all thankful for the prayers…..

    • Wow….. I didn’t expect to reach far enough to touch someone who has a connection to those who were lost. Let me add, your son is also in my prayers… His safety is as important as any that were aboard that helicopter. Let me say thank you to you for raising a son who values our country and our liberties enough to stand in the gap for us all. Please share my heartfelt sorrow for his loss and my absolute admiration for his sacred honor to continue to fight for America. -Eric

  3. bydesign001 says:

    This is indeed a tragedy to have lost so many heroes. It is also another reason to get our men and women out of Afghanistan.

    So many have given so much in that hell hole. Our heroes deserve better.

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