Questioning…’s Thoughts On The Allen West/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Controversy

I am a HUGE supporter of Congressman Allen West. And like Allen West, I find Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to be an unprofessional hack akin to Anthony Weiner. I also think that for all of the attacks coming from Obama and the rest of the liberal world accusing the right of “partisan politics”, the duplicitous hypocrisy is infuriating. How can the left continue to levy a barrage of accusations of partisan politics while engaging in them left and right. As the head of the DNC, Wasserman-Schultz stands at the forefront of the DNC’s political voice. She has been complicit in partisan politics for years, but in her newest role, she has upped the ante. If Obama or any of those on the left ever were seriously working towards a resolution on any issue America is facing, they would drop the wedge-driving manipulative tactics from Alinsky and now Karl Marx. Those tactics do not ever seek to get a true resolution, rather they work towards getting everything your way. It is those methods which are so vile.

Our nation has undergone a shift to the left over the last 20 years which has pushed the middle of the road to the left as well. I stand on the right… the same position that has always been where the right stood, however the further the push to the left continues the more it makes those of us Conservatives standing on the right seem like Extremists. That is Alinsky/Marx redux, as well. You may think that you folks on the left are in control, but the truth is that your party heads are using you folks as political weight for their gains. There is a whole lot of projection coming from the left(nothing new though) that in reality, is what the Democratic Party is doing to you guys. Those vocal folks on the left(i.e. bloggers, media personalities, etc.) are merely pawns who push the talking points. 

Those of us on the right are undergoing a growth that is good for the country…. it is called the Tea Party Movement. The folks on the left HATE the Tea Party Movement because they’re told to. Those folks on the left push the same talking points on and on, yet those points are routinely refuted as false but they don’t accept truths, they only accept talking points. That clouds their perspective and doesn’t allow for a clear vision of politics. Politics in America isn’t about “kumbaya” or everybody getting along… politics in America is about opposing perspectives working to get the best possible solution for ALL of America.

 It is time for the smart folks on the left to drop partisan politics and get involved in America’s best interests. Stop looking at the rest of the world as a model for anything except as a model for what NOT to do. We are America… we don’t convert to anything that the world wants to do…. we hold our ground. The Democratic Party is pushing us into the world in an effort to remold us. If America matters, then stop it. If you are so envious of the rest of the world, go there instead of bringing it here.

Our issues around the our economy and the debt are solely resting on the leadership of our President who is a raging Progressive-Marxist Democrat. We have no leadership in this mess and that is why we are getting nowhere today. People like Wasserman-Schultz in her position of DNC Chairman is helping to create a greater divide indtead of unifying the country on fixing this mess. For too long we’ve done the “Blame Bush” game but where has that gotten us? He did not divide America in any way, shape, or form nearly as much as Obama and the current crop of Democrats are. The right is tired of this, Americans are tired of this. Don’t start the Alinsky isolation game against West… but, of course you will because it helps you guys to control the rapid decline that you want.

We just witnessed the Casey Anthony case. The defense yelled and screamed about how the prosecution tried the case in the court of public opinion… yet it was Jose Baez who got in front of every camera possible to drive the case into the public arena. That is the same thing that the left is doing. The stupid video of a likeness to Paul Ryan pushing grandma off a cliff… C’mon, are you kidding me?!? Obama with his perpetual isolation statements attacking and alienating members of Congress, painting Republicans as uncompromising, and on it goes… These are the reasons why there is no compromise. It is clear that the left only wants things their way. Who is the voice of the Democratic National Committee and what has she said and done during this time? All of the above. She is vile and unprofessional. She is a de facto spokesman for promoting the left’s agendas. If she doesn’t have thick skin, then she shouldn’t stick her head out of the sand to enter the fray. Maybe it’s time for her to go become a local Selectman where the pressure isn’t so heavy.

For anyone on the left to even attempt to defend her or to attempt to to denounce Allen West is beyond ridiculous and shows just how driven by partisan opinion they are. We are dealing with the future of our country… isn’t that worth fighting for? Fighting comes with some tough words and if words hurt, get out of the game. I have worse words for Wasserman-Schultz than Congressman West does… do my words count for less because I am not an elected official? If anyone thinks that just because people are elected, then somehow they become elevated above opinions that you or I hold, I say that we are lost as a nation!

We elect people amongst us… or at least that was the original intent. We don’t need or want professional politicians, we want a representative government consisting of people who can be you or I. We run this country, not them. I want someone like Allen West speaking his mind right now. I don’t want a bunch of political sheep who fall in line or go with what the party in power(Republican or Democrat) says is so.

I want our country to run on unique opinions and ideals that come from the people, not the Partisan Party.

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2 Responses to Questioning…’s Thoughts On The Allen West/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Controversy

  1. “The stupid video of a likeness to Paul Ryan pushing grandma off a cliff… C’mon, are you kidding me?!?”
    As with all things the leftists do, there is a kernel of truth to be found in their accusations…again part of the leftists/Alinsky/communist way…You accuse your opponent and detractors of exactly the thing you are doing …think about the comment above, noodle it around a bit folks…WHO is advocating pushing Grandma off the cliff? WHO put the “death panels” that even some democrats have started to oppose into a “Health Care Bill” WHO advocates a “whole life system of Health care” that rations care and grades the kind of care you get by how productive you are? Those diabolical NASTY ideas did not come from Conservatives…no my friends those ideas are PRACTICED even NOW by leftists in “civilised countries”…Don’t tell me how “awful” Lt Col. West is to “poor Shultzy” she eats nails for breakfast. She is as tough as nails and right on par with the Swamp Queen Nazi Pelosi…Both of those broads wrote the book on nasty politics and practice every single day as they parade their stupidity across the air-waves….They partisan hacks, who have learned that the media will eat up whatever they say and not questions its validity OR veracity… they have carte blanche to say whatever they please about WHOMEVER they please, and IF they do get questioned they play the race or gender card…I have NO sympathy for a politician who gets caught with their pants down figuratively or otherwise…they got in to the game, they know how its played. We would be wise to learn the same

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