Progressives, GOP and Liberals and the Deficit

Since Alan at Green Mountain Scribes did a spectacular job in explaining Jan Schakowsky and her comments, I have little to add. But please read through Alan’s article (posted below) and bookmark his blog because he has some very insightful things to say…AND we all need to stick together and share our resources!

Here is Alan’s post in it’s entirety with link so you can go and read his other stuff! I have another article that explains the past 40 years of Congress, who controlled what when from  CNS published in 2010. The last article can be found at:

Schakowsky, Obama and the Deceptions of Leftists

Posted on July 19, 2011  From Green Mountain Scribes

Rep. Jan SchakowskyRep. Jan Schakowsky. Image by via Flickr

Just in case you haven’t yet today scratched your head in amazement at just how ignorant leftists are and how desperately they fail when pressed to defend their lies, this gem should do the trick.

During a recent press conference on the debt ceiling, Barack Obama shamefully preyed on Americans fears and intentionally deceived them by threatening that he could not guarantee that Social Security checks would go out August 3rd if Congress does not cave on his demand to increase the nations debt limit.

By threatening this, Obama unwittingly exposed the leftist deception that Social Security is well-funded by money in the bank, if you will. Hmmm, if there exist this cash rich account or trust fund, as leftists would have Americans believe, then simply pay recipients August 3rd from that account. Of course, they cannot do this because such a cash rich account or trust fund simply does not exist.

Whoops, shouldn’t have let that cat out of the bag, Barack.

The reality: Social Security benefits are paid out every month from currently incoming revenues, not from some well-funded account that simply does not exist. At some point several years down the road, the monthly outflow to recipients will exceed the incoming revenues, but not yet.

Right now, even if Congress truly represents the will of the people and rejects Obama’s demands for more money to burn, this will have zero effect on Obama’s ability to pay out Social Security benefits on August 3rd. Should there be no debt limit increase and if checks are not mailed to recipients on August 3rd, this will only be because Obama has chosen to punish recipients he views as pawns, not because the revenues these benefits are paid out from are not coming in as usual.

As usual, the “news” media miss the boat on this as nearly every other newsworthy issue, but not Don and Roma of WLS 890 AM’s radio program, the “Don Wade and Roma Show”. You can observe on the audio/video below as they lay waste to the hopelessly failed efforts of leftists Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky to defend any of this leftists nonsense.

The Political Chef: “Well, I have a hard time believing that SS is indeed solvent, It hasn’t been since the 1960’s when the Congress moved it from one part of the budget to the general fund so they could SPEND MORE MONEY…The Congress has been dominated by progressives(democrats and GOP progressives) since the 1950’s. They have put us on this road and NOW we are paying the price for it…with no end in sight, with no fiscal responsible people in Congress…”

The article below can be found here :

No Democrat-Controlled Congress Has Balanced Federal Budget in 40 Years; No Republican President Has Balanced Federal Budget in 50 Years

No Congress in which the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate has balanced the federal budget since fiscal 1969–more than 40 years ago.

Monday, March 15, 2010

By Terence P. Jeffrey

Nancy Pelosi health care

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

( – Many leading Democrats in Washington these days like to point to the fact that the federal budget was balanced for part of the time that President Bill Clinton was in office. What they do not mention is that those balanced budgets occurred only when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.

In fact, according to the historical data published by the Office of Management and Budget in the Obama White House, no Congress in which the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate has balanced the federal budget since fiscal 1969–more than 40 years ago.

The federal appropriations made for that fiscal year—which began on July 1, 1968 and ended on June 30, 1969–were approved by a Democrat-controlled Congress elected in 1966. They were signed by lame-duck Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, who had decided not to run for reelection in 1968. (Until 1977, the federal fiscal year began on July 1 and ended on June 30. Since 1977, it has begun on Oct. 1 and ended on Sept. 30. Federal fiscal years are numbered by the calendar year in which they end.)

President Eisenhower in 1960 was the last Republican president to preside over a balanced budget. A Democrat-controlled Congress elected in 1958 approved the appropriations for that fiscal year in 1959.

More recently, the federal budget was balanced in fiscal years 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. A Republican-controlled Congress approved the appropriations for each one of those years and Democratic President Bill Clinton signed them. In fiscal years 1994 and 1995, when President Clinton governed with a Democrat-controlled Congress, the federal government ran deficits of $203.2 billion and $163.9 billion respectively.

The Republican majority Congress elected in November 1994 presided over two fiscal years with declining deficits—fiscal 1996 and 1997—before it initially balanced the budget in fiscal 1998.  In fiscal 1996 and 1997, the deficits were $107.4 billion and $21.9 billion respectively.

In the 2000 election, Republicans retained control of the House but the Senate split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. In May 2001, Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont switched parties from Republican to Independent and began caucusing with the Democrats, giving the Democrats the effective majority and making then-Sen. Tom Daschle (D.-S.D.) the majority leader.

That split Congress was responsible for the appropriations for fiscal 2002, which put the federal government back into a deficit. After Republicans regained control of the Senate in the November 2002 elections (thus taking control of the budget process for fiscal 2004 which would begin on Oct. 1, 2003), the all-Republican Congress continued running deficits for four fiscal years (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007). During that time, with President George W. Bush in the White House, the Republicans controlled both the legislative and executive branches but failed to balance the budget.

In the November 2006 elections, Democrats won back the majority in both the House and Senate, and in the three fiscal years that have started since then (2008, 2009, 2010), they have run record deficits of  $458.6 billion, $1.41 trillion and $1.55 trillion.

The estimated deficit for this fiscal year (2010) of $1.55 trillion is more than three times as large as the $458.6 billion deficit that President George W. Bush presided over with a Democratic Congress in fiscal 2008. In fiscal 2010, of course, Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress as well as the White House.

Since 1960, the federal budget has been balanced in only 6 fiscal years. For two of those fiscal years—1960 and 1969—Democrats controlled Congress. For four—1998, 1999, 2000, 2001—Republicans controlled Congress.


The chart below lists the fiscal years since 1960, the president who was in office when that fiscal year began, the political party that controlled Congress when that fiscal year began, whether the federal budget was balanced in that fiscal year, and the amount of the federal surplus or deficit in that fiscal year. The figures for federal deficits and surpluses come from the “Historical Tables—Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal 2011,” published by the Office of Management and Budget in the Obama White House.

Control of Congress                Budget Balanced?      Deficit/Surplus

President Dwight Eisenhower (Left office Jan. 20, 1961)

1960                Democrat                    YES                   $301 million

1961                Democrat                    No                      –$3.3 billion

President John F. Kennedy (Assassinated Nov. 22, 1963)

1962                Democrat                    No                      –$7.1 billion

1963                Democrat                    No                      –$4.8 billion

1964                Democrat                    No                      –$5.9 billion

President Lyndon B. Johnson (Left office Jan. 20, 1969)

1965                Democrat                    No                       –$1.4 billion

1966                Democrat                    No                       –$3.7 billion

1967                Democrat                    No                       –$8.6 billion

1968                Democrat                    No                       –$25.2 billion

1969                Democrat                   YES                        $3.2 billion

President Richard M. Nixon (Resigned Aug. 9, 1974)

1970                Democrat                    No                       –$2.8 billion

1971                Democrat                    No                       –$23.0 billion

1972                Democrat                    No                       –$23.4 billion

1973                Democrat                    No                       –$14.9 billion

1974                Democrat                    No                       –$6.1 billion

1975                Democrat                    No                       –$53.2 billion

President Gerald Ford (Left office Jan. 20, 1977)

1976                Democrat                    No                        –$73.7 billion

1977                Democrat                    No                        –$53.7 billion

President Jimmy Carter (Left office Jan. 20, 1981)

1978                Democrat                    No                        –$59.1 billion

1979                Democrat                    No                        –$40.7 billion

1980                Democrat                    No                        –$73.8 billion

1981                Democrat                    No                        –$78.9 billion

President Ronald W. Reagan (Left office Jan. 20, 1989)

1982                Split                             No                       –$127.9 billion

1983                Split                             No                       –$207.8 billion

1984                Split                             No                       –$185.3 billion

1985                Split                             No                       –$212.3 billion

1986                Split                             No                       –$221.2 billion

1987                Split                             No                       –$149.7 billion

1988                Democrat                    No                      –$155.1 billion

1989                Democrat                    No                      –$152.6 billion

President George H.W. Bush (Left office Jan. 20, 1993)

1990                Democrat                   No                         –$221.0 billion

1991                Democrat                   No                         –$269.2 billion

1992                Democrat                   No                         –$290.3 billion

1993                Democrat                   No                         –$255.0 billion

President William J. Clinton (Left office Jan. 20, 2001)

1994                Democrat                   No                          –$203.2 billion

1995                Democrat                   No                          –$163.9 billion

1996                Republican                No                          –$107.4 billion

1997                Republican                No                         –$21.9 billion

1998                Republican                YES                         $69.2 billion

1999                Republican                YES                         $125.6 billion

2000                Republican                YES                          $236.2 billion

2001                Republican                YES                          $128.2 billion

President George W. Bush (Left office Jan. 20, 2009)

2002                Split                             No                          –$157.8 billion

2003                Split                             No                          –$377.6 billion

2004                Republican                 No                         –$412.7 billion

2005                Republican                 No                         –$318.3 billion

2006                Republican                 No                         –$248.2 billion

2007                Democrat                    No                         –$160.7 billion

2008                Democrat                    No                         –$458.6 billion

2009                Democrat                    No                          –$1.41 trillion

President Barack Obama

2010                Democrat                    No                         –$1.55 trillion


If by Congress you mean the House of Representatives the Democrats have been the majority for about 46 of the last 60 years since 1950. The Senate has been controlled by the Democrats for about 40 of those 60 years. The Democrats have controlled at least one or the other of the 2 branches over 50 of the 60 years. The Democrats have controlled both Houses since 2007 – Exactly the period of the current Economic collapse from an all time “high” in July 2007…

OR from another post:

Depends upon if you mean just the House or both the House and the Senate.
There is also a difference between a minimal majority (in which case the House/Senate is actually controlled by the moderates of both parties, a dying group) or a sufficiently large majority.  Also the two parties today are very different from the two parties in 1950.  A more accurate date would be 1968.

For the House (the ppl who approve and appropriate the spending of money), the Democrats were the majority 1951-52, 1955-1994, and 2007 to 2010 (43 years).

Republicans had the majority in 1953-54, and 1995-2006, 2011 (12 years).

For the Senate, the Democrats had the majority in 1951-52, 1957-1980, 1987-1994, 2009-10 (32 years).
Republicans had the majority, 1981-86, 1995-2000, 2003-06; 1953-56; 2001-02; (13 years)

2007-08, neither party had the majority.  [my emphasis added]


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