Debt Ceiling Drama-Ron Paul

Ron Paul has a great article about the Debt ceiling drama that is going on in Washington.

Find it here:

“The Fed claims inflation is 2% or less over the past few years; however economists who compile alternate data show a 9% inflation rate if calculated more traditionally. Alarmingly, the administration is talking about changing the methodology of the CPI calculation yet again to hide the damage of the government’s policies. Changing the CPI will also enable the government to avoid giving seniors a COLA (cost of living adjustment) on their social security checks, and raise taxes via the hidden means of “bracket creep.” This is a default. Just because it is a default on the people and not the banks and foreign holders of our debt does not mean it doesn’t count.”

We All know that inflation is more than 2%. Corn by some accounts has increased by 100% since last year. This administration and government in general is always looking for ways to hide the real numbers from the American public. The FIRST party to TELL THE TRUTH is going to win the hearts and minds of the American public. How much more evidence do you need that people are born sinful then to watch the narcissistic machinations of a politician trying to save their ass and their job?

Paul contends as do others that we have a “spending problem not a tax or revenue problem. Of course the Congress of years past have made sure that we developed not only “spending problems” but also a revenue problem. The revenue problem comes from Congress maintaining a status quo. This is evident in the 90 times Congress has raised the debt ceiling.

Politicians also need to acknowledge that our debt is unsustainable. For decades our government has been spending and promising far more than it collects in taxes. But the problem is not that the people are not taxed enough. The government has managed to run up $61.6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which works out to $528,000 per household.

How in the world when most people will not make a HALF A MILLION in a lifetime get saddled with such an astronomical and outrageous bill? Ask Congress…you know the fools that people keep sending to Washington…As Paul said, the Congress has made unsustainable promises. WHY? Mainly because I beleive that they have no real-world business experience. Most of them have been sucking at the public tit for decades themselves and see no end to the gravy train in sight. Why should they? We just keep shoveling money at them at enormous rates AND then there are the lobbyists who tickle their ears with bullshit & cash all day long…Paul demonstrates by using the words of the current resident of the White House, when he said that “Social Security checks may not go out” IF the GOP didn’t tow the Obama marxist line…

Then there is the old fall back position of scaring the handicapped and elderly with the “politics of fear” that the politicians LOVE to use…remember the ad of pushing Granny off of the cliff a few months ago by a leftists group?

Perhaps the most abhorrent bit of chicanery has been the threat that if a deal is not reached to increase the debt by August 2nd, social security checks may not go out. In reality, the Chief Actuary of Social Security confirmed last week that current Social Security tax receipts are more than enough to cover current outlays. The only reason those checks would not go out would be if the administration decided to spend those designated funds elsewhere. It is very telling that the administration would rather frighten seniors dependent on social security checks than alarm their big banking friends, who have already received $5.3 trillion in bailouts, stimulus and quantitative easing. This instance of trying to blackmail Congress into tax increases by threatening social security demonstrates how scary it is to be completely dependent on government promises and why many young people today would jump at the chance to opt out of Social Security altogether.

There is plenty of money to send out Social Security checks, but that didn’t stop the president from scaring the elderly and handicapped spit-less by telling them they may not get their monthly checks because of the EVIL REPUBLICANS…really people when do we tell these ASSES that enough is enough? When do THEY understand that they WORK for us and we are NOT their Jack-asses carrying THEIR water???


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One Response to Debt Ceiling Drama-Ron Paul

  1. It’s all a show. I just don’t know who they think they are entertaining.

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