Video: Ann Coulter: Democrats Appeal to the Stupidest Voter


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3 Responses to Video: Ann Coulter: Democrats Appeal to the Stupidest Voter

  1. MRM says:

    Love this! I got into a HUGE argument with a good friend back during the Bush/Gore debacle because I said basically the same thing – but not nearly as well as Ann. That was awesome!

    • Thanks MRM. She has definitely got a way to cut through the nonsense clearly, doesn’t she?!? I enjoy listening to Ann tell it like it is. Actually, I am reading Demonic right now… it’s a really good book. I highly recommend it.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! And I appreciated your posting the video proving Obama authorized Fast and Furious over at the Treehouse. I appreciate you sharing and getting the word out there!

      • MRM says:

        My pleasure – I love your contributions to the Treehouse and was glad you linked to your blog! Now that I’m on “the Twitter” as WaltzingMtilda would say, I’ve been sharing your posts there as well. Keep up the good work!

        As for Ann, I love her too, but was surprised to find that many of the “uninformed” think she is crazy. So I especially appreciated this video because she doesn’t really go into any of those borderline areas where you could maybe call her a kook. 🙂

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