2nd Amendment Alert! : “Gunwalker” / “Fast and Furious” – Behind the Smoke is the UN weapons ban the goal? ~ The Last Refuge

WOW! Where do I begin…? First of all, sundancecracker put in GREAT amounts of research in order to put this piece together. It shows why The Last Refuge is the place to go for well-written articles.

This article will scare the lead right out of your 2nd Amendment side-arm of choice. We’re all looking at the Fast and Furious/Gunwalker scandal with critical eyes and I don’t doubt that we are all seeing it as an attempt to attack the 2nd Amendment rights that ALL Americans hold dear… I’m even talking to you Democrats! Don’t you dare forget that even Gabbie Giffords has a strong conviction for the 2nd Amendment! By now, we’re obviously floating ideas involving the ultra-lefties trying to repeal or severely limit our right to bear arms. Some of us have made the logical conclusion that this a push towards the “one world”-minded United Nations. But I don’t know too many of us who have been able to connect ALL of the dots and make ALL of the connections that put it into perspective… until sundancecracker laid it all out HERE.

I’ll post the first bit of the article but you’ll need to head over to The Last Refuge to finish it. Also, please stick around while you’re there and read through the comments at the end of the article. The discussion is very good with some excellent questions/concerns raised by G8rMom7. Sundancecracker provides a link to the Dept of Justice if you want to know more about the history of the GunRunner program. Jump in and ask your questions over there… A lot of concerned Americans want the truth and we need to ask the questions in order to find it.

“Gunwalker” / “Fast and Furious” –  Behind the Smoke is the UN weapons ban the goal?

There has been a rapid uptick in information since Ken Melson appeared in front of Issa’s congressional investigative committee.   Revelations include the depth of conspiracy within the DOJ and the attachment by the FBI.  Also, we discovered the funding stemmed from Obama’s stimulus bill, and in Florida there was another very similar project taking place with guns headed toward Honduras.   The entire tentacle ridden case of corruption appears to be gaining traction toward being exposed.   However, there is also a great deal of questioning about why this entire program would be taking place to begin with.

Ann Barnhardt (aka IamDagny) has connected many of those “why” dots very effectively and connects the Fast and Furious program to a manipulative effort aimed at leveraging support for the United States to enter a UN small arms treaty.  Thereby reaching a long desired left-wing goal of restricting gun ownership and eliminating the pesky problem with the 2nd amendment freedom protections.

In this post in addition to sharing Ann’s perspective I want to dig deeper into how the UN angle is played out, and who exactly is behind such an endeavor.  This is constructed from various non affiliated sites however they are connected to paint a more clear picture.  Starting with Ann:

Ann Barnhardt – Now we know why Hillary Clinton and Obama were falling all over themselves to support and prop-up the Honduran Marxist dictator-wannabe, Manuel Zelaya back in 2009. I never could figure out why they would create such blatantly  unflattering, pro-Marxist optics for the Obama regime for a small country like Honduras. Now it all makes perfect sense.

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