Feature Post: Our Role in Restoring America and the States by Green Mountain Scribes

I would like to take a moment to send some of my readers to a newly created blog that I suspect will become a terrific site very quickly. I am referring to Green Mountain Scribes and the person behind it is Alan Sexton. I am quite familiar with his thoughts and his writing from his Administration of the ReFounders page that he created on Facebook. I encourage you to become a fan of ReFounders if you haven’t yet and you’re on Facebook. I HIGHLY encourage you to start following his blog Green Mountain Scribes right away because he is putting out some great stuff and it has only been a week… get in there while there is still room. LOL

Anyways, I want to share an article that I found to provide a very important thought on who we really are looking for as we try to right the ship called America. The following piece was very inspiring for me and I hope that you, too, will find it inspiring for you. Here is Alan’s article titled “Our Role in Restoring America and the States“…

Our Role in Restoring America and the States

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April 30: George Washington becomes the first ...Too often we hear spoken, or read the words of genuinely decent people proclaiming sentiments such as “where is our next our George Washington?”. For those who think as I do(my sympathies) this unintended, but nonetheless self-marginalizing rhetoric is becoming increasingly distressing. Especially so, given that what may well be the most pivotal local, state, and federal elections in the history of this republic are looming in the not so distant future.

What on earth is it , I silently wonder, that makes this good person feel inferior to any other. My grievous failing is that I usually opt to not ask these good people why they unwittingly either may actually perceive themselves as partly, if not wholly inferior or insignificant in the scheme of things, or at the very least ask why one states words that express to others a self-perceived inadequacy or inferiority?

Perhaps you did not attend college, or even graduate from high school. Fine. Let’s then consider George Washington, among many things a patriot, general, selected by his peers to preside over the constitutional convention of 1787, president, authentic American hero….

George Washington felt inadequate to serve as president because he had not attended college. In fact, he never attended college yet he always pursued opportunities to educate himself. He placed great importance on education, as should we all. Was he inadequate or inferior? No, of course he was not.

Unquestionably, George Washington was not inferior or insignificant simply because he lacked a certain diploma or degree. He constantly sought opportunities to educate himself and apply his accrued intelligence with intense, painstakingly great care in all the incredibly historic achievements he accomplished.

In today’s world, self-absorbed sociopolitical intelligentsia likely would have sought to insult, belittle, or otherwise marginalize this great man, as perhaps these people attempt to do so to you, in shameless attempts to discourage your efforts to seek to become actively involved on commissions, in publicly elected office, etc..

Do not be marginalized or devalued from without, or more importantly, from within. Your honesty, integrity, and intelligence are more desperately needed than is a certain diploma or degree, which are no more a justifiable criteria than is your gender, race, creed, orientation, or age. If we are to unseat Barack Obama, and his anti-constitution, anti-individual liberty progressive/leftists allies in the U.S. Congress and in the states, Liberty minded people must become intimately, actively engaged.

Alan Sexton

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