Food Not Bombs and Anonymous launch simultaneous attacks on Orlando

As I traveled through the world of “Facebook News Feeds” this morning, I came across a video blog from a rock station DJ on one of my favorite radio stations. He had recorded a pretty good rant this morning about a development that had come in the recent battle between our city mayor, Mayor Buddy Dyer, and a radical group called Food Not Bombs. The name may not be unfamiliar to you as they apparently have quite a broad base with charter groups throughout the U.S., so you may have a group in your neighborhood too. Anyways, here is the vlog:

I considered this to be something that I should write about but today, Tuesday the 28th, happened to be my wife’s birthday and she told me that my present to her was supposed to be “a technology free day”… Whatever the heck that means! (If you’re reading this sweetheart, I’m sorry!) Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of her big day, I forgot about this issue entirely, until I got back on the computer to make my rounds on my subscribed blogs list. I came across an update on the matter at The Conservative Treehouse in a blog post titled, “Mickey’s Under Attack– Hacker group Anonymous declares war on Orlando, Florida…” Please be sure to read the entire article over there and stick around there for a bit… their blog is an excellent source of the happenings that we are only barely getting told by our “trusted” media outlets. In the meantime, I will highlight some of the key pieces of the article…

” The hacker group Anonymous has taken down a US tourism website in Orlando, Florida as a protest against the arrests of people handing out food to the city’s homeless.  Anonymous said the attack on was retaliation for the arrest of members of the group Food not Bombs.  The website, which is not owned by the city, went offline for part of Tuesday.”

“Anonymous has warned that more attacks could follow as part of what it has dubbed “Operation Orlando”.  In a news release, the hacker  group promised to carry out a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) on a separate Orlando-related website every day until the arrests come to an end, choosing as its
first target.

The collective also said it will email millions of people across the world asking them to boycott the destination.  “This is a declaration of war,” said Anonymous, describing Operation Orlando.  “Anonymous will now begin a massive campaign against you and your city web assets,” it added in a message directed at Orlando officials.”

“But, which went offline for several hours on Tuesday, has no affiliation to the city, an Orlando spokesperson told the BBC.”

Does this carrot make me look like a socialist fist?

So, how did we get here? The hacker group, Anonymous has chosen to stand in a show of solidarity with a group called Food Not Bombs. Food Not Bombs has been feeding homeless folks in the Downtown Orlando area for a years. The Orlando chapter of Food Not Bombs has described themselves in the following way on their website: “We are an activist collective and humanitarian group that opposes the poverty, inequality, violence, war and militarism, prejudice and oppression, and environmental destruction that make groups such as ours necessary.” Well, is it me or does everything about that statement sound like a radical socialist group? Maybe we should ask the carrot in the group’s logo. “Hey, carrot in the fist of solidarity… do your vegan and vegetarian friends favor social justice? Do the members in the troupe of socially awkward, cultural misfits want to fundamentally transform… uh, radically change America into a socialist’s utopian dreamland?”

Maybe we should ask them…

Yep… that is REALLY them and what they look like.

Anyways… One venue that FNB decided to feed the homeless was at Lake Eola which is well-known as a touristy/luxury lifestyle area. In large part due to a growing problem with increasing numbers of homeless folks in downtown, Orlando has created ‘panhandling zones’ as well as discouraged homeless people from camping out or even eating meals in the Lake Eola park. The city established rules surrounding the location of the areas where panhandling was allowed and even went so far as to require permits for anyone who wants to provide food for the homeless in groups of 25 people or more. Laws on the books also limit groups to only 2 permits per year if holding a large group feeding within 2 miles of City Hall.

The city did not incorporate these laws because of FNB but because of years of problems with the homeless population taking over Lake Eola. Several years ago, Lake Eola began to resemble a small tent city full of refugees. It became clear that Lake Eola was becoming inundated with transients and not just displaced locals. Crime started to increase in the area and not just at night either. The city sought a resolution to the problems and the “new rules” met some hefty resistance and were fairly controversial at the time but the results have been well worth the effort. Today, Lake Eola is much cleaner and the level of safety has gone up… all while there is still a smaller contingent of homeless folks still lounging in at Eola.

Food Not Bombs is well aware of the laws and has decided to challenge these laws, declaring that “food is a right, not a privilege.” Ok. Nice thought but even when one’s rights infringe on others, conflicts arise and resolutions must meted out. In the case of FNB versus Orlando, they have had around 30 members arrested since they started their war on Orlando’s laws. They did engage a civil case action in our court system, all while still continuing to flout the laws and feeding homeless folks in Lake Eola. The city tried to compromise with FNB, even offering up multiple locations to feed the homeless away from the Lake Eola park but FNB did not want to take care of the homeless, they wanted to make a statement. It should be noted that the Orlando Police waited UNTIL everyone was fed before making the arrests. Hmmm… I guess the police stand on the side of feeding the homeless more than FNB does.

Is there a point where a positive effort or a positive message can go bad? Can a group start out with a good idea based on good intentions but then cross the line and try to effect a change through less than honest intentions? I believe that is what we are seeing here. Food Not Bombs started out with a positive premise… feed the hungry. However, the group has morphed into a political statement in which they are blaming corporate America and local municipalities for the woes of life that have beset the homeless.

Even if there is validity in their opinion and regardless of political affiliation, this group has taken to the radical side of addressing issues in America. They are going beyond their message and to the extremes, even exaggerating their efforts in order to draw attention to themselves now and not their cause. If the cause of feeding the poor was what it was about, then they would make every effort to do that within the bounds provided by Mayor Dyer and continue to lobby in a quiet manner behind the scenes or garner local public support but not by acting as they have.

The sad thing is, they alienate many people in the process of conducting themselves like this and therefore lose a much needed channel of financial support. I myself, a resident of Orlando, believe that helping the homeless and feeding the poor are absolutes but Food Not Bombs will never receive any support from me… and I would guess that others here feel the same way. The beneficiaries of their charitable acts of providing meals are the homeless, not themselves, but their behavior has distanced themselves from plenty of willing and able support systems.

If one is genuinely interested in doing something so generous and kindly as what this group set out to do, then why would they appeal to only one side of America? Shouldn’t they not concern themselves with a political message and instead focus on bringing the plight of these folks to everyone equally? This is where the left is wrong and so blind as to what they are really doing. They profess to be thinking of others but it’s simply all about them and how they can get the notoriety of doing something.

The difference between philosophies of the right and the left can be best demonstrated by the plaque that sat on President Ronald Reagan’s desk: “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

In the game of life, the left may like to do some heartfelt acts of humanity but that is quickly overpowered by their pitiful need for recognition and when they don’t feel enough of the fame, they throw temper tantrums and hissy fits until they are kicked off the field. The right will quietly go about their business because their eye is on attaining the goal not winning the award.

Enjoy your fleeting fame of infamy, Food Not Bombs. When it passes, I sincerely hope that you will pack up and take your ball with you… weirdos.

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5 Responses to Food Not Bombs and Anonymous launch simultaneous attacks on Orlando

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  2. Matt says:

    It almost seems as if they are using the poor to advance themselves. As you point out, they can feed people anywhere, but, they want to make a larger statement.

    • That is definitely the way that I see it too, Matt. They are all about self-promotion and if you watched the video blog, I thought Pat Lynch made some awesome points about what they really are doing. His point about ‘dropping economic bombs is the same as real bombs’ with regards to Anonymous’ actions was pretty much spot on.

      We have got to be ever so careful as to what is happening today. The left is doing things that seemingly are good acts or challenging laws that seem to be problematic but the devil is in the details and so many folks are being led into joining up with them, unaware of what they are attaching themselves to.

  3. Vanita M. says:

    Change must began at some step, rather then premote how you DONT support the ways they go about their cause, why not advise the road being traveled is a dead end? Why not provide the support you dont mind giving?…. Ideas to better accomplish the original goal, advise on how this is not a beneficial sollution for the greater picture, rather then promote how they fail at this and that why not support by advising different groups within the FNB focus on various things to accomplish the orignal goals and new found goals for issue arising? WERE IS THE UNITY IN THIS AMERICA? WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR US TO UNITE AND BRING ALL UNDERSTANDING AND IDEAS TO THE TABLE? WHY MOST ONE DO WRONG WITHOUT A STEPPING STONE TO THEN DO RIGHT? This game we call life.

  4. Vanita M. says:

    I greatly apologize for miss-spelled words and typo’s. I type passionately and forget punctuality at times!!!!!

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