The Latest OB Presser OMG- Or I as I like to call them “The Silent Scream to my sensibilities”

“As long as I am an American citizen and American blood runs in these veins I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject.” – Elijah Parish Lovejoy (1802-1837)

Seriously, his voice that cadence makes my eyes bleed…I can’t even stand to have him on the TV with the sound off…I hear a silent scream in my head…

and under  “who knew”…breaking celebutard news…

according to Judge Napolitano on Cavuto- Lindsay Lohan is concerned about the Fed printing too much money, this shocker allegedly from her twitter account… I’m left wondering if somehow she thinks that the Fed printing money might hamper her ability to enter rehab whenever she wants, or make her cute purses too expensive. Of course she likes to use the 5-finger discount method of shopping-so one wonders how or when she lifted her head out of the bottle long enough to put any kind of cognitive thought into the Feds quantitative easing policies…somehow the Feds money printing policies didn’t strike me as something that would be on the Lohan celebutardar, but what do I know…

Big O’s Presser:

In his third presser the current WH resident has renewed his call for more taxes “on the rich” especially this who own private jets and has furthered his cheap attacks on the oil & gas industries, (ya know the people who still have people working, playing taxes and such) the rich and Republicans. He continued to offer false choices…jets for the rich or school for kids (it’s always the chil-ren).  I don’t buy that narrative… I don’t allow those false choices, one has nothing to do with the other.

The gov’t continues to waste our money…ex: the Post office, it has been revealed, spent TAXPAYER MONEY on professional sports tickets…sure let’s play and fiddle while the Rome burns.

Here’s something that caught my eye:

“Outside of the budget, Obama addressed Libya, the Afghanistan troop withdrawal, immigration reform, Operation Fast and Furious, the DREAM Act, same-sex marriage and the refusal of attorneys in his Justice Department to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act based on his belief the law is unconstitutional.,_slams_republicans,_oil_companies;

Katie Pavlich: Obama Calls for Tax Hikes, Slams Republicans, Oil Companies, 6/29/2011.

The issue I have with the above quote from his presser is that little itty bitty part about HIS DoJ not upholding DOMA based on “HIS BELIEF that law is unconstitutional.”  Did I miss something?  Isn’t he in the executive branch…ya know the one that ENFORCES the laws of the land as passed by the legislative branch?

The POTUS isn’t in the Judicial branch, which is the one that determines via hearings as to whether a law is constitutional or not…The Judiciary are the “Trier of Facts” not the executive branch…EVEN the DoJ is NOT the “trier of facts” but is also part of the executive branch…again the branch that ENFORCES the law…Here’s the funny thing…this administration seems to have more experience  in BREAKING the law as opposed to enforcing it…just peruse the headlines in the blogosphere and almost every day there is a new alleged infraction of the law by this administration. At the very least his and his administration’s blatant disregard for the Constitution is STUNNING in my opinion. This administration in my estimation seems to believe that by breaking or stretching the law they somehow negate those laws they don’t “agree” with and that is somehow within their purview. That laws don’t apply to them “if they don’t think they are unconstitutional”…who gives a flying crap whether the POTUS or his admin thinks a law is “unconstitutional”…it is simply NOT his call…unless he was a monarch…huh…food for thought there isn’t there…

In his presser he also remarked that Republicans aren’t doing their job  & CEO’s whine, “Companies are always going to complain [about too many regulations]  because they [corporation] want the ability to do whatever they think will make them the most profits”…uh duh, really? YA think ???  Companies want fair regulations…regulations that don’t hamper their ability to start-up and grow. They want consistency and stuff that is “knowable” and stable.  Companies are making projective plans for 2-5 even 10 years down the road…they need to know what to expect.  WHY is that so hard for the run of the mill marxist to understand?

According to CBS the Big O also offered some harsh words to Congress in general Republicans in particular that they need to get to work: “At a certain point, they need to do their job…They need to do their job,” he said…  Now’s the time to go ahead and make the tough choices. That’s why they’re called leaders. ”

Huh, really, now that is really quite a revelation…the part about being a leader and tough choices and all…

CBS has also reported that Mr. O compared the Congress members to his daughters who “generally finish their homework a day ahead of time.- You know Congress could do that.”

So could you Mr. O, so could you…ya know be about the business of the people…better yet, why dontcha take another out-of-the country vacation and take Valerie and Michele Antoinette with ya…ya know to get you all out of the country till about 2013 would be a godsend. You ARE looking a little piqued…maybe then we AMERICANS can roll up our sleeves and get this mess taken care of since it seems out of your ability to do so…

The Big O also called for members to “start having to cancel things and stay here” in Washington if there isn’t “substantial progress” by the end of the week.” (he had his because I said so Big Boy face on)…. “You need to be here,” he said, directing his comments at members. “I’ve been here.”

Where exactly is “here” and what’s the meaning of “here”, “here” … does he mean on a golf course in the Virginia area- “here”?  Let’s remember this is a guy who has played golf 75 TIMES; 13 weekends in a row.  All the while during the last three years at regular intervals he and his TOTUS have  told us that he is “focused like a laser” on jobs…he feels our pain and all that political CRAP.  The problem is that he, (as a marxists) thinks that government is the one who “creates or saves jobs” ( those 2 million jobs to nowhere, ya remember those 50k that pay minimum wage at Mickey D’s).  Now that our unemployment is at anywhere from 9-16% by some experts estimates, he is STILL not worried about our unemployment numbers or jobs. He is focused like a laser on re-election and his golf game.

“I’ve been doing Afghanistan and bin Laden and the Greek crisis and” – he paused amid laughter from the press corps – “you stay here.  Let’s get it done…All right,” he concluded. “I think you know my feelings about that.”

To which I say big F*cking deal dude…your feelings mean squat to me…less than squat actually… what really matters to me is that you quit screwing up my country… and get about the business of DOING your job, according to the CONSTITUTION…

The Big O also seems to think that his “lecturer in Chief” act is working…it is WEARING very thin…sir…very thin…


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One Response to The Latest OB Presser OMG- Or I as I like to call them “The Silent Scream to my sensibilities”

  1. Unfortunately, the arms in Obama’s arsenal are class warfare and the race card. He will continue to use them every chance he gets. Sadly, those weapons work far too often in this country.

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